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Japanese Asahi Massage

Japanese Massage zogan (Asahi) is considered one of the best means in the fight against age-related changes in the face. Its regular conduct rejuvenates the skin, and the effectiveness is noticeable after the first sessions.

The main advantage of such a massage is simplicity andThe ability to apply it at any age. The procedure takes less than 5 minutes, but the result is simply amazing: the second chin disappears, the puffiness under the eyes decreases, the skin tightens and looks fresh.

Japanese Asahi Massage

The author of the massage, which received worldwide recognition, became a cosmetologist and makeup artist of Yukuko Tanaka. In the process of working with many stars, she wanted to find a technique that would allow Look younger Without the use of makeup. Asahi face massage includes the methods of manual therapy, affects the lymph nodes, helps to eliminate toxins and improves the nutrition of tissues.

Asahi massage

Japanese massage technique asahi includes

  1. Lymphatic massage, which cleanses the body of toxins, removes excess fluid and regulates the process of feeding tissues
  2. A deep study of the facial tissues with the use of manual therapy methods, aimed at relaxing the muscles, improving the condition of the vessels and lifting.


  1. Inflammatory processes and various skin diseases
  2. Pathology of the lymphatic system
  3. Weakness and poor health
  4. Menstruation (bleeding may increase significantly)
  5. ENT diseases
  6. A thin face with sunken cheeks (lifting-effect is accompanied by a thin face)

How to perform a massage - look at the video!

In order to preserve beauty for many years, women do not spare neither time nor money. But sometimes what you seek is close. These exercises help many women to support Skin tone in great condition.

Share this effective method with your friends. Use the palms in order to prolong youth - it's that simple!