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16 Ways to Survive the Heat at Night

"Heat, heat!" - is sung in one famous song. High temperature and Stuffy indoors Can not wear out during the day, but even more difficultTo survive the night. The time that needs to be spent with advantage for the body to gain strength for the next day, we spend in search of coolness and the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

If you have air conditioning in the apartment or you live in a private house, then this problem is probably not familiar to you. But if you have not yet managed to acquire an innovative technology miracle that Gives coolness At any time of the day, and in the old manner you use a fan (or you do not have it), then offer your attention 16 ways to survive the hottest night.

How to keep cool in a hot night

How to escape the heat

How to escape the heat

And how do you escape from the summer heat, if the bedroom is not air-conditioned? Tell your friends about these simple ways to survive a hot night, because a full sleep is indispensable!