/ Why the child becomes a neurotic

Why a child becomes a neurotic

Any person sometimes needs to relax. This applies to adults and children. If the person is in constant tension, under pressure, she inevitably suffers. In the case of children, this is especially dangerous - a small person who experiences discomfort in relationships with loved ones day in, day, runs the risk of growing Neurotic.

This is why children should be treated with care,In upbringing apply sensible techniques and most importantly - teach the child to express their emotions and do it right. Resentment, anger, anger have the right to exist, but the task of parents is to show the child how to cope with negative emotions constructively. And it is desirable - to show by example.

Why the child becomes a neurotic

Neurosis in a child

American psychologist and psychotherapist arthur yanov advocate therapy, which allows an adult to become a suffering child and deal with his Psychological problems, Arisen in a deep childhood. Children often suppress negative emotions in themselves, do not allow themselves to be angry and offended by parents who instead of love and support reward the child with punishment. The child is frightened, he is scared: if he does what he really wants, no one will love him.

Of these children grow up under-grown adults: No matter how hard you try to show them your feelings, they still do not believe. They always have little love, because they have not learned to love themselves like that. They are generally tight with the expression of emotions. this is one of Signs of neurosis.

To the signs of a neurosis is also anxiety,Tearfulness and touchiness, vulnerability, fatigue, obsession with the past, and especially stressful situations. Neurotics are easily susceptible to depression and frequent mood changes, they are difficult to interact with other people and create problems from scratch. Victory over the neurosis is possible. The best remedy for this Pathological condition - love ...

Neurosis in a child

Clients of the Janov Artur were John Lennon, Yoko and Steve Jobs. In his books the psychologist says: Manifestation of love - to give a person a number to be himself, to beFree. A child or a loved one - it does not matter, it is not possible for a living being to be in a state of nervous tension. Do not suppress your feelings, spill them out. Cope with anger, stress and resentment with the help of sports, a favorite hobby, pleasant emotional communication.

Allow yourself to show different emotions and teachThis child. Understand, suppression of experiences leads to mental disorders. The internal conflict will sooner or later manifest itself, and the consequences will be the most unexpected. Stop manipulating your loved ones, do not make them feel guilty for something and fear of you, and please do not do this to the child in any way. We are all severely ill with the stress that the modern world has plunged into. The only antidote to this - love!!

Stand closer to yourself, sort out your feelings. Mentally healthy, held, happy man - in such heroes our world needs. If you are interested in the opinion of this psychologist, show your friends an article!