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50 phrases in English for tourists

Summer is the best time for holidays and, consequently, travel, which means that it's time to either tighten up your English, or learn at least a couple of the most Necessary phrases, Without which we can not manage abroad.

So that you do not get trapped in a foreign country with a language you do not know, "so simple!" Collected 50 most popular phrases, which are sure to be useful to you when traveling. Save them in bookmarks, or even better - print them and take them on a trip!

50 phrases in English for tourists


  1. Can you help me? - Can you help me?
  2. I'm looking for ... - I'm looking for…
  3. How much is this? - How much does it cost?
  4. Sorry. - excuse me.
  5. Please speak more slowly. - please talk slowly.
  6. I do not understand. - I do not understand.
  7. Could you repeat that? - Could you repeat, please?
  8. What is your name? - what is your name?
  9. My name is ... - My name is…
  10. Nice to meet you! - nice to meet you.
  11. How are you doing? - how are you?
  12. Where is ... the bathroom, restaurant, museum, hotel, beach, embassy - where is ... a toilet, a restaurant, a museum, a hotel, a beach, an embassy?
  13. Can i ask you a question? - Can I ask a question?
  14. Could you write it down on paper? "Could you write it on paper?"
  15. I am hungry. - I'm hungry.
  16. I am thirsty. - I'm thirsty.
  17. I am cold. - I'm frozen.
  18. I am feeling sick. - I feel bad.
  19. I need help. - I need help.
  20. What time is it? - what time is it now?
  21. I need to go now. - I have to go.
  22. Excuse me! - sorry (to attract attention).
  23. I speak english a little bit. - I speak English a little.
  24. Where can i buy ...? - where can I buy…?
  25. That's (too) expensive. - it's too expensive.
  26. I'll take one / it / this. - I take this.
  27. I like this. - I liked this one.
  28. I do not like that. - I do not like this.
  29. Can i pay by credit-card? - Can I pay with a plastic card?
  30. Can i exchange this? - Can I exchange this?
  31. That's all, thanks. - Nothing more, thank you.
  32. Excuse me, where can i get a taxi? - Excuse me, where is the taxi?
  33. This address, please. - To this address, please.
  34. Stop here, please. - Stop here, please.
  35. I'd like a ticket to ... - I'd like a ticket to ...
  36. When does the check-in begin? - when does the registration begin?
  37. Here is my luggage. - here is my luggage.
  38. It is a business trip. Is a business trip.
  39. I want to book a room. - I want to book a room.
  40. Here you are. - Here, take it.
  41. Keep the change. - No change is needed.
  42. Could you break this 100 (hundred) dollar bill? - Could you change the 100-dollar bill?
  43. The shange is not correct. - You did not count the change correctly.
  44. I need ... - I need…
  45. I agree. - I agree (agrees).
  46. With pleasure. - with pleasure.
  47. I am sorry, but i can not. - I'm sorry, but I can not.
  48. Thank you so much! - many thanks!
  49. You are welcome! - please (in response to thank you).
  50. Have a good time! - Have a good time!

You never guess what and when you can come in handy, so remember or print out these necessary phrases to be prepared for unforeseen situations abroad!