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How to care for skin and body in summer

Summer is a time when the desire of women to look at all one hundred percent raises at times. For this you need to properly care for your skin and body.

We collected 9 tips for you Qualified cosmetologist And a nutritionist for nursing in the summer days. Take these practical recommendations of professionals on arms and be irresistible every day!

How to care for skin and body in summer

Cosmetologist's advice

  1. Transition to summer procedures
    Most "aggressive" rejuvenating proceduresBest done in late autumn or early spring. Since after them the skin needs time to recover and due to solar activity may appear pigmentation.

    So it is best to go in the summer for a more delicate, painless, non-rehabilitative care.

  2. Sun protection
    For the summer choose cosmetics with a spf-factor of 30+. It will protect you from all types of rays. Sensitive skin needs to be applied Sunscreen products With a mechanical filter. They contain titanium dioxide and zinc compounds, reflecting the sun's rays as mirrors. Pay attention to the composition of your product for a safe tan.

    Also give preference to mineral decorative cosmetics. This Mineral cosmetics It is only friable. In products with a creamy texture or in compressed, most likely contain fats, silicones, parabens and so on.

  3. Home care
    For skin with increased fat content in summer it is better to choose a means with ahas acids.

    Replace household scrubs with Glycolic acid. She not only removes the dead skin, but also moisturizes it. But always use sunscreen during the day.

    Use a tonic that suits your skin type.

    Be wary of the means to combat acne. They are best used at night.

  4. Watch the skin with acne in the summer more carefully
    Unfortunately, the statement that the ultraviolet cures acne is false. He on the contrary can worsen a skin condition.
  5. The skin should be moistened
    When dehydrated, the skin becomes flabby and wrinkled over time. So moisturizers should be in the cosmetic bag of every woman.
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Advice of a nutritionist

  1. Why do detox-diets work temporarily?
    Liquid, unloading diets and hunger strikes lead to loss of water and muscle mass, rather than fat. The more muscle mass In humans, the faster the metabolism.

    After such "miracle diets" weight quickly returns. To get rid of toxins, doctors recommend drinking more pure water and not to give up a solid food containing fiber.

  2. Eating should be five times a day
    If you are hungry, it can lead to Metabolic disorders And malfunctioning of the housing.

    It is recommended to eat in the morning in the morning porridge, for lunch meat or fish with croup and salad, and for dinner cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit.

  3. Beta-carotene
    Beta-carotene together with vitamins e and c allow to receive Even tan Without pigmentation. Include in your diet of peaches, apricots, carrots, melons and watermelons.
  4. Drink a lot
    Start the morning with a glass of warm water with a lobuleLemon. Then drink half an hour after breakfast. A day you need to drink at least 2 liters of water. An hour before bedtime, it is better to use herbal tea with mint or melissa.

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