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13 lifjacks for every day

Every morning we are waiting for an infinite number of cases,Which can not be postponed until later, for tomorrow, until Monday, so many people value literally every minute of their lives. Already no one is surprised by the multivariate, the purchase of clothes through the Internet and inventions that make life much easier, and also help to save time.

Are confident that these Ingenious objects Will soon appear in every house and make the owner's life comfortable, cozy and stylish!

Useful inventions

  1. Armrest - sofa table. Very handy thing!
  2. Wipers for the mirror in the bathroom. And no divorce!
    Janitors in the tub
  3. A special spoon that allows you to eat all the yogurt. I'm sorry that I did not have this as a child!
    Spoon for yogurt
  4. Lighting for sockets. Worth buying!
    <Img alt = "backlight for sockets" src = "/images/https://takprosto.cc/wp-content/uploads/1/13-layfhakov-na-kazhdyi-den/4.jpg" li = ""
  5. Scissors for pizza. Now it's a pleasure to cut it!
    Scissors for pizza
  6. A fork with which spaghetti does not slip. For real gourmets!
    Fork for spaghetti
  7. A comb that can be cleaned quickly. Long-haired girls for sure!
  8. Containers for storing cereals or coffee. Now it's simply impossible to spill them!
    Food storage container
  9. Knife-holder for cake. I can not believe that the cream will not stay on my fingers!
    Cake knife
  10. Flower pots for the balcony. I want these and that's it!
    flower pots
  11. Sauce bowl, which is attached to a plate. Now you do not have to reach for her across the table!
    Sauce dish on a plate
  12. Angle frames that help save space. Very cool look!
    Angular frames
  13. A cup that leaves no streaks on the table. for all occasions!
    Chasm that does not leave a stain

And which of them did you like the most? Tell your friends about our small selection, for sure it will be for them cognitive! Comfort is created from trifles!