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Life advice from a psychologist

In the life of each person one day comesA difficult moment when he realizes that he was completely alone. Unfortunately, people go away with time. All this happens for various reasons, children grow up and leave the house, dear people go to live in another country, loved ones change and so on. But, as a rule, the result is one: we are upset and grieve that Remained alone...

Not one day people yearn, when it seems to them that they are of no use to anyone. In any case, do not despair, because any end is, in fact, the beginning of something new and more interesting.

If such a feeling as loneliness, It is familiar to you, we propose to read the wise reflections of a well-known clinical psychologist, a certified Gestalt therapist and journalist Polina Gaverdovskaya.

Ralph Waldo Emerson's phrase is the credo of this woman: "The ability to see the miraculous in the ordinary is the sure sign of wisdom". If her position is close to you, then maybe the thoughts of the polynomials will help you in a difficult moment!

Wise reflections on life

The girl in the field

  1. All but the close relatives can be replaced.
    Nobody and nothing happens in one copy. Let new people into your life, even if you do not understand yet, do you have anything in common. One day you will understand that you are left alone, and this will save you.
  2. Always try new things
    Food, clothes, routes, gadgets, activity,Films, books, theories and explanations of the universe ... the brain is made of lazy chewing gum. The further, the more he wants to bend in the same places, the rest of his gyrus tend to disappear. Do not let him cling to the same things, pleasures, ways, ways and tricks. Always try new, especially when you're lazy, scared or do not want to.
  3. Forgive all who can, forget the others.
    oblivion - The best punishment and the best medicine. And never argue with anyone, it's better to do a manicure.
  4. There is nowhere to hurry.
    Everything that happens quickly does not last long. If you really want something, you will. If you do not want, then it was not necessary. Risky desires and actions postpone, giving them "to lie down". Do something that you are not sure of, only if the desire persistently pursues you for a long time.
  5. If you really want something and think it's right, do it.
    Desire is life. Let's desire to live inside and watch him. If not disappeared - follow it.
  6. Do not give up, as long as you want something.
    Luck is an experience, that is, the number of repetitions. Any failure is a lack of experience and is compensated by experience. Courage and risk - this is an experience. Something that at times looks like an utter arrogance is an experience. Perseverance, tolerance, the ability to forgive, stability and independence - all this is experience. The main thing is not to give up, while you want something.
  7. Nothing is the end, not even the end: everything is just flow.
    Remember this in desperation, in grief, at the grave of a friend, reading the letter of a loved one who left you. There will certainly be a day when you say: "And for the better!"Nothing is the end: one day you will realize that you are left alone, and this thought will save you.
  8. Nothing is the end, but the end is near.
    And it is more useful to think that he is tomorrow. Then it is easier to follow all these points.
  9. Do what you want, but take care of your body
    Otherwise it will unexpectedly take revenge on you. Get a habit of asking what it wants and doing it. If you have never listened to the body and do not know how it talks, start with simple things like forest walks, swimming or yoga. Then everything will happen by itself: the body waits for it to be heard.
  10. Romance, love and passion - it's wonderful.
    But if you confuse them with sex, you can stay without it for a long time. And this is stupid and harmful. Make it so that you have sex. Let romance and love, when they come, find you in bed with a new lover.

  11. The last thing to worry about is what people think about you.
    People think mostly about themselves, as well as about you, by themselves. That is, they do not think of you or of each other.
  12. Be afraid of confidence. Confidence is the beginning of marasmus.
    Doubt, allow other options, leaveOpen ways of retreat to yourself and others. I doubt every paragraph that I wrote. But this very second, perhaps, I'll leave everything as is. One day I will be alone and check if all this will save me.
  13. Take care of your friends.
    Friends - the only thing that is worth accumulating (I still manage to). One day I will understand that I am left alone, and my friends will immediately appear and say: "Are you completely stunned? You have us! " and it is true.

We find in life only what we ourselves invest in it. In a situation where it seems to you that you have remained completely alone, in no event You can not give up. as they say: "Do not be afraid, if you're alone, be scared when you're nil". You need to be self-sufficient, but at the same time cherish your friends.

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