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Workout of the day

Very short, but very effective training! This complex is ideal for a home gym, and if you are looking for an incentive to start sports, just look at this girl. Be in great shape is real! Most importantly - to monitor your daily routine, nutrition and do not forget about regular physical activity.

Integrated Muscle training Accelerates metabolism, so even in a stateRest your body will burn calories. Intensive exercises, even if they will be short-lived, will help you to pull up all the problem areas and be on your toes. Find 5 minutes for such a workout can even a very busy woman!

Training at home

Training of the day

Gift, not training. You do not need additional shells, you can do without even a rug. The complex begins with jumps, squats and push-ups.

Then the girl will demonstrate how toEffectively swing the press, loading the oblique muscles. The movements are very simple! For those who want to correct the shape of the legs, there is a special exercise ... watch the video and train with us! Redaction "so simple!" Can not sit still.

Home workouts Always help out when there is no time for the gym. We are confident in the effectiveness of this training and you are advised to try it! Tell me in the comments how you like to play sports.