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Massage for suspending sagging cheeks

A woman at any age will look irresistible if she has a clear oval face and tightened, springy cheeks with blush. How is this possible?

First you need to understand what factors contribute to the flabbiness of the cheeks and Premature aging. With age, the skin becomes less elasticBecause of a lack of collagen, this is a natural process. But even nature can be tricked if you drink enough fluids, play sports and do not substitute the delicate skin for scorching sun rays.

In addition, it is very important to maintain a healthy imageLife: alcohol and nicotine degrade the skin and accelerate the appearance of facial wrinkles. It's important to keep track of your weight so that your cheeks look neat. And there are special Exercises for the face, Leading the skin to tone!

They give an excellent effect at home, especially if you approach the issue in a comprehensive manner and fulfill all of the above conditions. Prepare to look younger!

We remove sagging cheeks

  1. Do not forget about food
    Give up salt and sugar in your diet almost completely. Use spices, lemon juice instead of salt and honey instead of sugar.

    You not only improve the figure, but also take care of your skin. She will look younger, shine, there will be no unpleasant swelling and swelling. This will enhance the effect of massage and facial exercises!

  2. Magic masks

    Egg mask
    Protein whip the foam. For dry skin - add a mask of honey, for oily skin - add oat flakes. Hold the mask for 10 minutes on your face, wash it first warm, then - with cold water.

    Washing water with contrasting temperature improves blood circulation and stimulates the outflow of lymph. The mask will help make the oval face more clear. Do it 2-3 times a week for the best result.

    Mask with a scrub effect
    Pour boiling water 2 tbsp. L. oatmeal. Give them a little infusion, then add 1 tsp. Yoghurt, 1 tsp. Honey and 1 tsp. Finely ground almonds.

    Massaging the cheeks in circular motions, rinse the mask with warm water. Scrub improves skin tone and helps to get rid of specific "bulldog" cheeks.

  3. massage
    It is best to do face massage in the morning, it will giveSkin full of vivacity for the whole day. There are several ways to do a toning massage. You can use honey, making honey massage with a light tingle of the face.

    A good way - massage with a towel soaked in a herbal decoction. Squeeze a wet towel accordion, bring it to the bottom of the face. Straightening a towel, lightly hitting them on the chin.

    Just hit them lightly on the bottom of your cheeks. You can use a decoction of chamomile, string and mint for herbal massage. Another option - brine. Massage the cheeks with your hands perform in a certain sequence: first lightly stroke the face - in a circle, slightly shifting the skin.

    Then warm up the problem areas, tap them lightlyOn the cheeks, make movements that are similar to vibration. If you perform such a massage every day, do not be lazy, then the services of a plastic surgeon you definitely will not be useful.

    There is a huge number of special massage complexes for the face, choose your favorite and spend 10 minutes a day on it. The result is worth it ...


  4. Gymnastics for the cheeks!
    The effect of the massage should be supported by exercises that train the muscles of the cheeks. Do exercises with zeal and belief in success!

    Lift your head up and turn left. Feel the tension of the neck muscles. Stay in this position for 2 minutes, repeat with the other side.

    Vigorously turn your neck to the right and left. Repeat it 10 times.

    Type in the mouth as much air as possible, strain your cheeks, hold your breath for 10 seconds. Release the air abruptly. Repeat the exercise several times, rolling the air along the inner surface of the cheeks.

    Place your palms on your face so that they cover your lips. Fix your fingers on your cheeks. Create resistance with your fingers, smile. Relax your cheeks and repeat this a few more times.

    Exercises for the cheeks

  5. Exercises for the neck of bodyflex
    Bodifleks - an easy method to put in order the muscles of the whole body, including the face. These 2 positions are simply a miracle, they will very quickly change the appearance of your cheeks and face as a whole for the better.

    Borrow the position of the half-squat, pointing your hands to your knees. Look forward, keep your neck muscles in suspense. Take a deep breath and breathe out all the air. Hold your breath, push the lower jaw forward, open your mouth and feel a strong tension in the muscles of the neck.

    Lift your head up, take your hands back. As high as possible raise your head, look at the ceiling. Stay in this position for 6-8 accounts. After the first times the position of this position can severely hurt the neck, the muscles of the lower part of the face.

    Do not be scared, it's normal - these muscles are usually little trained, immediately there is muscle pain. You need practice to faithfully perform this posture, but its effectiveness is proven by thousands of women.

    Collect your lips in a tight circle, look up, wide open your eyes. Keep your lips in suspense and at the same time stick your tongue out. Count to 8. You will feel how the muscles of the cheeks stretch and work!

If you follow our recommendations, you will never see a sagging cheek. And if such a problem is present, it will become less noticeable!

A fit, healthy and youthful face justifies the efforts spent on working on oneself. Show all the girlfriends these miraculous exercises, and do not forget to train yourself!