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11 tips for clothes and shoes

For many people clothing becomes a "second skin". There are those who will not exchange their favorite jeans for anything, "happy" sneakers or comfortable Soft sweater, Which warms even on the coldest nights.

But life is unpredictable: Then you spill the wine on your clothes, then the spot will accidentally "plant". Because of such trouble does not need to part with your favorite things, especially throw them out or turn them into sex rags. Offer you a few "Cunning" advice, Which will prolong the life of your clothes and shoes. Look "with a needle" - it's that simple!

Tips for shoes and clothes

  1. Unsightly spots in the armpits can be removed with lemon juice or baking soda.
  2. Patchy spots

  3. So that your favorite sweater "does not fall off", put it in a sealed bag, then in a refrigerator for 3-4 hours and you can store it until the season.
  4. Sweater in the package

  5. From static electricity can get rid of, if a thing wipe with a dry napkin from the wrong side.
  6. Napkin in hand

  7. Small bruises on clothes can be ironed with a hair iron.
  8. Hair iron

  9. To get rid of traces of a voice-frequency cream on light clothes it is possible by means of foam for shaving.
  10. shaving foam

  11. To stretch narrow footwear it is possible so: pour water in packages, put them in footwear and remove for the night in the freezing chamber.
  12. How to stretch shoes

  13. To remove a stain from red wine, fill it with white wine ...
  14. White wine from stains

    And sprinkle with baking soda on top. Leave for 2-3 hours and wash!

    Soda from stains

  15. To keep the shape of the boots, put the folded magazines in them.
  16. Magazines in boots

  17. Traces of red lipstick on things can be removed with the help of hairspray.
  18. hair spray

  19. Abrasions with suede leather are easily removed by an eraser.
  20. eraser

  21. So that dark jeans do not brighten when washing, add half a glass of distilled vinegar to the washing machine.
  22. vinegar

Hope these simple tips will surely be needed by you or your friends. Tell them about these budget tricks to look "for 100", and wear your favorite clothes and shoes with pleasure!