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Original ideas for photos

If you're tired of boring monotonous photos,These ideas are just what you need. No strained smiles and lowered eyes! Real emotions and a non-standard plot make it necessary to review such shots again and again. Make a stunning photo It's not at all difficult: thanks to the game with distance and perspective, interesting subjects are obtained.

It is not necessary to be a professional photographer to take this off, it's enough just to have a rich imagination and Desire to create. It's hard to say which of these photos I like most ... there is plenty to choose from!

Ideas for cool photos

  1. Using a bottle in the frame, you can conduct bold experiments!
  2. Idea for a cool photo

  3. Dynamics and movement is something that will brighten up any photo.
  4. Idea for a cool photo

  5. Sometimes huge objects look so small ...
  6. Idea for a cool photo

  7. Old trick, but you can arrange it in a new way!
  8. Idea for a cool photo

  9. Instead of a slingshot, you can use other things. I like the idea with a net for catching butterflies!
  10. Idea for a cool photo

  11. Emotions! You always get to make a live photo, if she has some idea.
  12. Idea for a cool photo

  13. Idea for the company.
  14. Idea for a cool photo

  15. Very advantageous in the frame looks like a shadow.
  16. Idea for a cool photo

  17. With a bottle you can experiment indefinitely ...
  18. Idea for a cool photo

  19. The most interesting is that it is easy to translate these ideas into reality!
  20. Idea for a cool photo

  21. Do you have any such pictures?
  22. Idea for a cool photo

  23. You can play the shoes in different ways.
  24. Idea for a cool photo

  25. Photography is an adventure!
  26. Idea for a cool photo

To create such photos is best used Wide-angle lens - it allows you to change the scale of objects. The closer the object to the lens, the more it will appear, and vice versa.

Although even an ordinary camera will cope with the task! The enhanced perspective makes the photo unusual, and if you add a bright idea to the technical part, similar to the ones presented above, the photo will turn out to be glory.

Tell your friends how to make them admire their creative photos!