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How to save space in an apartment

Unfortunately, with the notion of "little space in the apartment"Many are familiar not by hearsay. A small kitchen in which there is not enough room for cabinets to deliver food (or even dishes), a small bathroom room, which simply is not possible to expand, but so much wants to fit into it ...

Each time to console himself with a well-known proverb "inCramped, yes, no offense "is also annoying. However, it is thanks to a small design tricks that the output is found! These 10 simple tips will help to rethink the attitude to a small space and will make even a small apartment as comfortable as possible.

How to save space

  1. Corner hanger
    Two wardrobes - a luxury for an apartment with a small quadrature. If you have a lot of clothes - hang an extra hanger in the corner. the problem will be solved!
    Corner hanger
  2. Simple shelf for spices
    A lot of spices are a sign of a good cook. If there is no possibility to select a separate cupboard or shelf for jar bottles-use office organizers as shelves. Small magnets will help to place such a shelf directly on the refrigerator. First, space is saved, and secondly, spices will not be lost, and thirdly, they will always be at hand!
    Spice rack
  3. Storage space for frying pans
    Even if the kitchen is not so much space - the walls are thereThere is always. Of course, this may seem unrealistic, but every centimeter of the wall can and should be used! For example, it is convenient to place hooks for frying pans and kitchen utensils, which you often use.
    Place for frying pans
  4. Stand for jewelry
    If you have a lot of costume jewelry - use a record board. You will need only hooks and pins to conveniently place accessories!
    Stand for jewelry
  5. A place for storing detergents
    If you store cleaning and cleaning products forWashbasin - this often results in confusion and it is impossible to find anything in these piles. Hang the crossbar between the walls of the locker - and boldly hang up on it bottles with sprayers!
    Place for detergents
  6. Hanging shelves
    The bathroom is usuallyhigh requirements. If you need more space, place it on the walls of the shelf: they will provide additional flat space, and you will not need to take up space on the floor.
    Hanging shelves
  7. Stand for towels
    The towel is an important bathroom item,Which sometimes takes up too much space. Instead of storing them far in the closet, use a wine stand: fold the towel into a roll and place instead of the wine bottles.
    Stand for towels
  8. Organizer for pantry
    Most conveniently packed food is very uncomfortablekeep. In order to solve this problem, use the organizer for shoes, which will take a worthy place in the pantry. In it it is perfectly possible to store packages with juice, condiments and other packaged products.
    Organizer for pantry
  9. Extra beam in the bathroom
    The crossbar is usually used to hang a curtain on it. Placed next to the second, and it will be very convenient to hang brushes, scouring pads and various trifles to it.
    A beam in the bathroom
  10. Fuse for car door
    One of the big problems of small garages in the house- lack of space to open the door of the car, resulting in damage to the wall and scratching the door. Avoid unpleasant consequences will help attached to the wall and cut along the foam rubber cushion. And the car door, and the garage wall will be safe.
    Fuse for door

If you found something interesting on our boardsFor yourself or for friends who have a lot of things in their apartment, but there is not enough space, tell them how to add functionality and comfort to your home in a profitable and cost-effective manner! A small apartment - not a reason for sadness!