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7 lifjhaki for fruit

It's very healthy that many favorite fruits, such as bananas or oranges, are available all year round. In summer they can be added to Dessert Or baking, and in the winter to enjoy at least a minimum set of vitamins, which in the "junior time" is not enough!

You never thought that a person,A cleansing orange, and not at the same time stained with juice, seems like a real wizard. And in the very season of cherries and cherries, when you need to do conservation for the winter, extracting a stone from the bucket of this delicious berry seems an impossible task! Offer your attention 7 useful tricks that can come in handy at any time of the year!

Tricks for fruits and berries

  1. Apples
    Few people cut an apple slice, cutting itTransversely, not along. However, if done exactly so, it is possible to protect the fruit from oxidation. Clip the half of the apple with an elastic band - and it will last longer in fresh form.
  2. Strawberry
    Nakulov strawberries on a tube for a cocktail as onSkewer, you can easily and quickly clean it from the "tail". Suitable for those who do not manage one berry, and is going to clean them a lot more, for example, for a cocktail.
  3. kiwi
    Cut the ends of the kiwi, and then slide the teaspoon under the rind. The flesh is extracted very quickly!
  4. banana
    Unfortunately, bananas have a property to quickly deteriorate. To delay this moment, try to tie the stalk with a plastic bag. Really helps!
  5. orange
    It turns out, there is nothing easier than clearingorange. Trim off the top and bottom of the fruit, put the knife to the white center and cut it in the direction down. Now open the orange, and all the lobules will be as in the palm of your hand!
  6. cherry
    Take a nozzle for confectionery, remove the stem with a sharp edge of the nozzle and push it into place, as shown in the picture. You can also use a paper clip.
  7. mango
    Cut out the pulp of mango is not difficult, if you use for this purpose an ordinary glass beaker. Put on the flesh of the fruit - and it's ready!

If you love fruits and berries, For sure you will like these tricks! Share our article with your friends! Vitamins are useful at any time of the year!