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25 best quotes of Louise Hay

Luiza hay - a talented psychologist, one of the founders of self-help technology through Positive thinking And positive attitudes, the author of more than 30 books onPsychology. One of her bestsellers "you can heal your life" is translated into more than 30 languages ​​of the world and has already turned the lives of hundreds of thousands of people upside down.

The main idea of ​​the book - Every smith of his own fortune. Sounds pretty simple, does not it? Then why are there so many pessimists and unhappy people among us who can not cope with their problems? Maybe we should just look at life differently and understand our place in it?

About How to become happy And cope with problems and experiences, and soWe'll tell you about how to make life a fairy tale with a happy ending in this article. Offer your attention the 25 best quotes of the talented psychologist Louise Hey who will help change your life for the better.

Positive attitude Works wonders!

Advice louise hey

  1. The past should not be experienced many times. It must be able to let go. Necessarily - with love and gratitude.
  2. Came a negative attitude - treat her calmly, shrug your shoulders and turn your attention to something more interesting.
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  4. You need to be able to listen to your body. It constantly communicates with us, sends various signals. Every cell reacts to thoughts and words. If you are sick, then try to look for reasons in the depth of yourself: old grievances, fears, anger, dissatisfaction. Getting rid of them, you do not notice how you are treated.
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  6. Please, forget about Self-criticism. On the contrary try to love and accept yourselfSuch as you are. Perhaps you did not know, but people who do not know how to love yourself, not only do not know how to attract positive changes, but they also do not know how to empathize with others.
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  8. Our world is not a vast desert. Here enough is enough. And the universe is just waiting for you to get acquainted with its wealth. As soon as you believe that there is enough for you here - money, opportunities, happiness, love - you will get it all and much more from what you have always dreamed of.
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  10. People who have offended you or made you suffer, suffer and get lost in life. Remember this and do not be too strict.
  11. Our beliefs are formed as a child. Then we go through life and only recreate the situations that would fit our worldview.
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  13. Any of our relationships with the world reflect our perception of ourselves. If you do not love yourself and feel guilty all the time - the universe will not slow you down to give you cause for grief and discontent.
  14. Everything that should happen will necessarily happen. at the right time. In the right place. With the right people.
  15. The past was gone for good. Come to terms with this fact. The only thing you can do is change your thoughts about it. By the way, it's very stupid to reproach yourself for having offended someone or someone has hurt you a long time ago.
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  17. love - the only answer to any of our problems. The road to it always lies through forgiveness. Forgiveness removes resentment and guilt.
  18. If you see the possibility of changing in the problem, and in the crisis - the potential for growth, then you will never be caught unawares by circumstances.
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  20. You do not change another person until you change yourself.
  21. Together with self-love cultivate self-esteem.
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  23. What is love for yourself? This is to determine the purpose of life And find a job for your liking.
  24. Do not try to fix the problem. It is better to change your thoughts. And the problem will miraculously correct itself.
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Our thoughts have a unique ability Shape our destiny. Add a few points to your karma and share these life-affirming and positive truths with your friends!