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How to work in Word

Even if you've been working with "word" for a long time, all the secrets of this program are very difficult to comprehend. ideal Assistant for a student, An office worker and a regular user! "Word" does not stand still.

Since its inception in 1983, this text editor Has changed a lot, it has a lot of useful hidden functions.

Daily work can be much easier andRational, if you will use these useful techniques, which we willingly share. Now the text, accidentally written in the capslk mode, does not have to be recruited!


How to work in "word"

  1. How to quickly insert a date into a document
    Key combination Shift + alt + d Inserts the date in the format dd.mm.yy.
  2. Cancellation of capslk mode
    Accidentally written in large letters the text can be made ordinary. Highlighting the text and clicking Shift + f3, You change its register to normal.
  3. How to speed up cursor movement
    Clamp with the arrow key Ctrl, You will make the cursor move much faster in the text.
  4. How to highlight inconsistent fragments of text
    holding Ctrl, You can select all parts of the text you are interested in. Even if they do not go in a row.
  5. How to use the extended clipboard in "word"
    At the top left there is a special button created for the clipboard. All that you copy to the clipboard during operation, will be saved there and displayed on the screen when you click on the button.
  6. How to insert a screenshot in the text
    Press the button "Snapshot", And you will see all windows active at the given time. Click on the one you need to get a screenshot.
  7. How to enable porting
    When there are hyphens in the text, it is much more convenient to work. Go to the menu "page layout" - "Hyphenation".
  8. How to add a watermark
    To protect your document and make it unique, you can add a watermark. on the menu "design" Select the item "substrate". You can use standard templates, but you can add your own.
  9. How to repeat the last command made
    keystroke F4 Repeats again the last command produced in the editor. It can be anything - from changing the text design to highlighting and removing lines and words.
  10. How to stress
    Set the cursor to the place after the letter on which there should be an accent. Pinch Alt + 769. A combination of numbers must be clicked on the small keyboard on the right.
  11. How to set up a ribbon with buttons for yourself
    You can change the top band with buttons depending on your needs. Go to the menu "file" - "options" - "Configure the ribbon". Add new ones and delete old functions with ease!
  12. How quickly to select a lot of text
    Set the cursor at the beginning of the text that you need to highlight. Click with the mouse with the clamped Shift At the end of the text.
  13. How to quickly navigate through the document
    Remember these useful keyboard shortcuts - they make the job more enjoyable.

    Ctrl + alt + page down - go to the next page.
    Ctrl + alt + page up - return to the previous page.
    Ctrl + home - Move to the very top of the document.
    Ctrl + end - Move to the bottom.

  14. How to instantly create a new sheet
    combination Ctrl + enter to help you.
  15. How to save files to the folder you need
    Usually all files in "word" are saved in a folder "documentation". If you want to change this default setting, go to the menu "file" - "options" - "preservation". Select in the row "Location of local files by default" The desired folder. You can immediately adjust the settings of the document format, automatic saving and other functions.
  16. How to return the text to the original formatting
    Ctrl + spacebar - a button that will return the previous text formatting option.
  17. How to protect a document with a password
    Go to the menu "file" And choose item "Document protection". But be careful! If the password is forgotten, you can not restore it.

Let the work brings you sincere pleasure! Show this useful post to friends - maybe they do not know about such features of your favorite text editor.