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Cleaning Tips from Maid

Those who at least once visited as a guest in reality Luxury hotel, Could watch the work of maids. The mind is incomprehensible, as it is possible to remove a large number of rooms quickly and at the same time is clean.

These women have great experience in this matter, and they also have their little secrets. They are happy to share them. Their advice can be used at home. Well, shall we check?

Cleaning tips

  1. First the maids clean up the mess.
    The maids first take away the garbage, the towels, the dirty linens and the things that are lying around. In the bathroom you need to remove all the placed jars, tubes and other accessories.

    First they completely wash everything, and do not wipe the dust around things. All items are placed after the surface dries so that there are no stains left.

  2. They use microfiber cloths.
    The best way to remove dust is a microfibre cloth. On the second place - a rag from a cotton, the old pillowcase or a T-shirt will approach. Do not use terry towels or polyester for cleaning.
  3. The secret is how quickly to fill a blanket.
    Turn the duvet cover inside out and put it on the bed.

    On top of the duvet cover cover with a blanket. Roll them together into the roller so that the cutout remains on top. The roller extends through the cutout. You can also view this method in the video.

  4. Curtains can be cleaned with towels.
    In order to clean the curtains, use a towel. They can get rid of the dust from the curtains, which will settle down. Then vacuum the floor.
  5. First vacuum, then mine.
    Before wet cleaning you must first vacuum. This is done so that on the clean floor do not remain wet villi and hair, which is difficult to clean. Always my floor, starting from the far corner in the direction of the doors.
  6. Cleaning agents do not act instantly.
    Treat the cleaning surface with the cleaning spray and leave it for a while. Get busy with your business, and then come back and effortlessly wipe the treated place.
  7. How to vacuum.
    Probably you are vacuuming, starting from the backRoom. The maids first vacuum the most contaminated surfaces on the carpet, and then pass through the entire room. Thus, dirty places are cleaned twice.
  8. They use not only purchased household chemicals.
    Not all maids use the purchased household appliancesChemistry. Many of them use self-made means, which are times better than store ones. For example, a solution of vinegar and water will clean most surfaces to shine.
  9. Maids use a special little brush.
    Every centimeter of the room with the help of a smallBrushes, of course, not cleaned. But it can quickly wash the ventilation grill or contaminated seams between the tiles. At home you can use an unnecessary toothbrush.

Convenient trolleys with Detergents Accelerate the work of maids. For an apartment - it's impractical. But if you have a large private house, then you can build such a mini-version of the trolley and use it.

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