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How to deal with unpleasant people

Often each of us has to faceWith people who are unpleasant and unbearable in communication. It can be too categorical, arrogant and cynical. Mum or hypocrite. Rude or inappropriate joker. all people are different, And contact with the diversity of the world is inevitable.

It does not matter in what situation you get a chance To communicate with someone who is terribly annoying Their behavior: At work, in transport, at a party with friends ... take this opportunity as a chance to become a cool psychologist. You can talk nicely with any person if you listen to our recommendations!

Calmness, only calmness. No one else will put you out of balance ...

How to deal with unpleasant people

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  1. Use the power of pause
    As soon as something confuses you in a conversation, do itdeep breath. It does not matter what you heard: a silly joke, an insult, a remark filled with negativity. Do not be subjective! Your first negative reaction will set a strained tone for the whole further conversation.

    And if it is an employee with whom it is necessary to discuss an action plan or a business issue that can not be delayed? Breathe in, take a step back. It's best to pretend that you have not heard anything. Disregard - great art, and it gives the power to lead the conversation in the right direction for you. After a pause, go on with a casual conversation.

  2. Without prejudice
    A person you do not like, for sureWe love many. Perhaps he has a child, a loved one, friends. There are those who love it - in each of us there are enough good and bad traits. If you look at your interlocutor biased, especially looking for some unpleasant moments in his behavior, nothing good from the conversation will not work.

    Remember: we see only what we want to see. Stay flat, do not take a negative stance - and you can negotiate with anyone.

  3. What if ...
    Start an important issue with this turnover, and youWonder how the reaction of others will change to your words. Assuming we can calmly accept any development of events. Suggesting you can discuss serious and not very questions without the risk of quarreling with the interlocutor from the heart. Alternatives set! This magic turn helps to find a compromise, use it more often!
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  5. Create a personal inviolable space
    As soon as you notice that a person passesThe boundaries of what is permissible - shut yourself away from it. During the conversation you can move away, briefly depart. Imagine a glowing field around you - a kind of energy shield. It will help you Remain in balance, Even if the interlocutor seeks to take away your energy.
  6. Control yourself and be aware of the situation
    You always have the right to stop the interlocutor, who allows himself too much. Say that you do not want to speak on the proposed topic, if this question is too personal for you. Another way - Translate it all into a joke. With humor to compete senseless! Politics and religion are topics that can immediately be safely shut down.
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  8. Give me a second chance
    If a person said something that is not too correct in relation to you, you have the opportunity to ask him again. «HDid not I hear something?"So you give the interviewee a chanceTo think, to improve the situation. There is another way: to explain any phrase quite differently, in its favor, without negativity. Not the fact that it will work in all cases, but with some people helps.
  9. What you do not like in people is necessarily present in you
    It is difficult to accept. But the truth is, most of all we are annoyed by people who are somewhat like us. Something that we do not like in others, first of all we do not like in ourselves. Ask yourself questions: why does it annoy me so much? You can better understand yourself and cope with your experiences. The anger and irritation that you have under certain conditions will be replaced by a rational attitude toward the world.

Thanks to our advice, you will become a diplomat capable of Pay no attention to others' faults. It's difficult, but this skill will give you the opportunity to communicate in a calm and measured tone with anyone. Take care of yourself and your nerves!

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