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How to Make Makeup Properly

What does "properly applied makeup" mean? You will unmistakably determine it, because a woman with an impeccable makeup always looks divinely ...

It should not be too noticeable. Attractive lips and successfully Underlined eyes. Skin - tender, smooth, velvety. Clear cheekbones and eyebrows make the face emotional, expressive.

For sure you sometimes had questions about how to properly use some cosmetics, choose the right shades of tonal basis, shadows, lipstick.

Here you will find everything to create your own charming image! A wonderful transformation with the help of make-up - one of the magical female skills ...

Makeup secrets

First you need to wash properly. Do not forget to use tonic after washing with gel or foam, for owners of oily skin this is especially important.

For washing choose not too cold, but not hot water. After applying the scrub is very useful Contrast washing - then hot, then cold water (if your skinNot prone to couperose). Take care of the skin around the eyes - this area is very delicate and vulnerable, constantly moisturize it with special serums and creams.

This will prevent the aging of the important zone and reduceThe appearance of wrinkles. After applying a tonic and cream under the eyes, do not forget about the day's moisturizing cream! For oily skin you can use a cream that not only moisturizes the skin, but also controls the work of the sebaceous glands - the skin will not shine, and the make-up will lie flat and stay longer.

How to apply cream

One girl was asked about her religion, and she replied: "I believe in a foundation cream!" A remedy that really saves - levels the skin tone and makes it close to the ideal.

If the skin is imperfect, a special transparent tone for the face should be applied to the tonal cream. He will prepare the skin for toning and help the foundation to cope with their tasks.

Tonal basis

Blush should not be much! In this case no longer means better, and this can be said about almost all decorative cosmetics. Apply a blush only to the area of ​​the cheekbones. It is very important to carefully blush the blush so that they look natural on the face. If the blush is noticeable and clearly stand out - you are clearly overdone.

Tone of blush

How to apply blusher

The color of the shadows should always be chosen according to the color of the eyes. Women sometimes make the mistake of picking up shadows only in the tone of their own. Shadows should match the color of the iris of the eye, hair, skin.

Universal color is gray. Light shadows Closer, dark shadows - visually distract and reduce eyes. Never use shadows with a pinkish, red and purple hue, if the skin has flaws and redness.

Color of shadows

Perfect arrows on the eyes - it's easy! If you practice often, you will get professionally drawn arrows. Choose their shape in accordance with the outlines of the person and mood.

How to draw arrows

Lipstick - a real weapon of temptation. Find the colors that best suits you, and use them confidently. For this you need to try more than a dozen lipsticks ...

Lipstick color

This makeup guide is a woman's treasure! Properly applied makeup will give you confidence in your own irresistibility and will emphasize all your charms. Take advantage of useful tips and surely these women's tricks come to your girlfriends!