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6 phrases that are not worth talking to children

Until recently, it was difficult for me to imagine that I would disagree with Wisdom of ancestors, Which went through the centuries and has reached our days. Everything seemed clear and very clear: black - black, and white - white.

But it turned out that not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. If you have children, you probably have not once thought about the responsibility that lies on your shoulders.

Read these 6 phrases that are not worth talking to children. It seems, they taught me to think like that!

Mother and son

That you can not tell the children

  1. You do not owe anything to anyone!
    In this life you have one bigResponsibility: to be part of positive changes in this world. If you are not part of this movement, then you are against it. You must show kindness, mercy, patience, respect and sympathy to everyone (and to yourself first of all).

    Every person in life has a chapter that he does not want to read aloud, but nothing prevents a person from showing kindness, is not it?

  2. Respect is earned, not given for nothing!
    This statement is very similar to the question: "That appeared earlier - a chicken or an egg." Should you wait for someone to earn your respect before you first begin to respect him? And should you assume that no one respects you, until you have earned yourself the respect?

    Can you get respect without giving it? And whether it is possible to respect someone suggesting that they will automatically begin to respect you? And if you do not earn respect for yourself, then you, too, should treat people disrespectfully?

    You are responsible for how you behave, regardless of respect. So please stay respectful and polite in every situation.

  3. Just be yourself, and people will find out how talented you are (qualified, irreplaceable)!
    Against the background of other phrases this seems most absurd: get out of the comfort zone! Make your presence noticeable, because if you do not ask, the answer will always be "no."

    Perseverance and dedication will help youMove in the right direction. Only please, do not just go with the flow in anticipation of what you are all do not bring a saucer with a blue border. Do you remember the saying "who will go the way"? By the way, this leads us to the next point ...

  4. Hard work pays off!
    Except when it is not! Sometimes hard work and the most diligent efforts give a very terrible result: nothing. Yes, life is sometimes unjust. But you should work anyway, because if you do nothing at all, the result will be the same.
  5. To become happy in this life, you must have the career of your dream!
    Find 15 people and ask them if they have a job of their dreams and whether they are satisfied with life. I bet that the answers will surprise you. Not everyone needs Brilliant career, to be happy. Some people work in the sphere they dreamed about, but they are unhappy, while others do not have such successes and live a bright, exciting life.

    There are those who are enthusiastic about their career, butThey do not develop on a personal front. It turns out that working for the result is usually much more useful than being 30 years in anticipation of an ideal career and at the same time living in your children's room in the same apartment with your parents.

    To avoid such a fate, you must be sure that you are able to earn a living, even if you can not catch the tail of your dream job.

  6. a family

  7. you are special!
    You are no better and no worse, no more and no less thanAnyone in this world. Every person you know is better than you. And everyone you know fights against something that seems very simple to you.

Use your strengths to makeThis world is better (when something is good for others, it's good for you too). Ask and accept help when you need it. and further. Never behave as if any person, task, or circumstance is higher than you or below you.

What do you think about these statements? If your friends have children - share with them our article. They will certainly be interested to know what phrases children do not want to say!