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Harm to children's cosmetics

Buying a newborn baby cosmetics for childrenThe last thing you expect is that the products will turn out to be substandard and even dangerous for your crumbs. However, unfortunately, unscrupulous manufacturers do not shun anything - even the health of young children!

Today we will tell you what Chemical components Fall on the infant's skin along with popular creams and shampoos. Products for children can be very dangerous!

Composition of children's cosmetics

  1. heavy metals
    Affect the respiratory system, genitourinary system, brain.
  2. 1, 4-dioxane
    Carcinogen, which is toxic to the brain, central nervous system, kidneys and liver.
  3. formaldehyde
    A carcinogenic substance capable of causing inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory organs.
  4. mineral oil
    Technical oil (petrochemical waste), which slows the growth of young cells, dehydrates and reduces the barrier function of the skin, can also cause cancer.
  5. petrolatum
    Petrochemical fat, which, getting into the body, prevents the release of toxins and waste and prevents the skin from breathing fully.
  6. sodium sulfate
    The toxicity of this component is written wholeVolume of special literature. Thanks to lauryl sulphate, cosmetic products foam well and wash off dirt, but if they are used daily and in large quantities, it is difficult to wash off with water, the skin is irritated, its protective functions are weakened. As a result, scaling, dryness and dandruff occur.
  7. talc
    Harmless at first glance powder, which strongly clogs and dries the skin. However, not everyone knows that talc contains asbestos, which can provoke cancer.
  8. Lead acetate
    Has a toxic effect on the liver, kidneys and nervous system.
  9. Diethanolamine (dea)
    A known carcinogen that can cause cancer. Negatively affects the skin and brain activity.
  10. Propylene glycol
    A strong skin irritant, which can lead to abnormal liver and kidney damage.
  11. Parabens
    These preservatives may be indicated on the labelAs methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben or e 216. lead to a decrease in muscle mass, can lead to the development of breast cancer and various tumors.
  12. Synthetic dyes
    Improve the look of cosmetic products, but are very strong carcinogens. On the labels synthetic dyes are indicated as d & c or fd & c.
  13. Synthetic flavors
    Include up to 200 chemical components, can cause hyperpigmentation, headache, rash, cough, dizziness, vomiting and skin irritations.


It is noteworthy that about 89% of imported products that contain the inscription "recommended by pediatricians" contain the largest number of hazardous chemicals!

How to choose children's cosmetics

  1. Refrain from choosing products that seem "all known" and popular. As a rule, well-known brands and brands spend more money on advertising than on improving the quality of their products.
  2. Pay attention to the label with information about the composition of the goods, even if the phrase itself already contains a phrase like "natural", "medicinal herbs", "the whole force of nature".
  3. Making a purchase, each time check the compositionGoods (even if you constantly use this product). Very often the producer (after a certain period of time) lends itself to the temptation to change the composition.
  4. Pay attention to the presence of usda printing. She says that Organic products.
  5. If you can not read or pronounce a component, think about whether you want it on the body of your child.
  6. Look for products without a smell. One artificial aroma can contain hundreds of chemicals and become the main cause of allergic reactions.
  7. Pay attention to the order in which the components of the products are listed. The first ingredients are the ones that are most in the composition. If, for example, Marigold extract - the last ingredient in the long list, it is very small in the composition of the remedy.
  8. Think, do you or the baby really need all these shampoos-gel-cream-ointment lotions? Such a rational approach will help to save not only health, but also the family budget.
  9. baby

Products of the company johnson & johnson can be found in almost every home: from children's shampoos to creams against wrinkles.

But recently a wave of critical materials about the dangers of some of the ingredients that make up many consumer products has forced giants to reconsider their policies.

Johnson & johnsonPromised that they would clean their products of harmful substances by 2015, so they must remove a number of potentially harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and phthalates.

It remains only to hope that producersChildren's cosmetics will become more conscientious and will cease to harm the child's body. Share this article with your friends. And what products do you use for babies?