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Unusual use of household items

Household things ... they are not so simple as it might seem at first glance! Many of the objects that surround you are surprisingly multi-functional! Learn Apply ordinary things outside the box, And you will greatly facilitate your life!

Holding in his hands an ordinary thin rubber band, a clip,A hook for a shower, you keep real treasures - the range of methods of their application is very wide. Do not hesitate to show your creative thinking, simplify Way of life, Make it interesting and convenient. In the soul of each of us is hidden the inventor and the inventor! And that's what he can sometimes do ...

Household tricks

  1. A regular thin rubber band will help remove excess paint from the brush. No splashes!
    Gum on the paint can
  2. With the help of a plastic tube, it is possible to prevent tangling of the chain or decorative lace. brilliantly!
    Plastic tube for the chain
  3. A hanger with several levels is very convenient to use for storing ornaments.
  4. A formidable weapon against static electricity: a pin. Enough to attach it to the inside of the fabric, and there will be no problems!
    Pinned pin
  5. A plastic bottle perfectly separates the proteins from the yolks.
    Plastic bottle for yolk
  6. Idea for storing and transporting small earrings. We do not need losses!
  7. Eraser well removes scrapes from wood and light skin.
  8. Case for glasses - a reliable store for headphones, keys and jewelry. An extra case I definitely have ...
    Spectacle case
  9. Clean the space between the buttons on the keyboard will help ... makeup brushes! Only they must be clean, of course.
    makeup brushes
  10. With such a nail file it is easy to remove scuffs on suede.
    Nail files
  11. A bracelet with a poorly working or broken clasp will help a large clip.
    Golden bracelet
  12. Ordinary black and white (not a color!) Newspaper will give a shine of dark leather shoes and cleanse it of pollution. At the last resort, when there is no brush.
  13. Hooks for shower curtains are suitable for hanging scarves, bags and other pleasant trifles.
    Scarves on a hanger
  14. Cardboard base remaining after useRoll of wrapping paper, - assistant for storing clothes without folds. Just wrap the thing around the roll. Thus it is very convenient to transport clothes and bedding ...
    wrapping paper
  15. When moving, you can pack fragile items inside drawers with clothes and linens. Space saving!
    cardboard box
  16. Spray stain remover helps remove spots from glue from different surfaces and clean off stickers.
    Spray stain remover
  17. Varnish with a transparent varnish, a loose cog in the frame for glasses, and the problem is solved. You can also do this with a freely moving button.
    clear nail polish
  18. A wonderful idea for signing wires.
    Wire subscription
  19. Rubber gloves will easily open a tightly twisted lid.
    latex gloves
  20. Wipe the skirtings with paper, and they will accumulate less dust.
  21. The sticky side of the record sheets is well suited for cleaning crumbs and dust in hard-to-reach places - for example, on the same keyboard.
    Record sheets
  22. Lightning will be easier to fasten if you apply it with soap.
  23. It is possible to remove the spools from carpets, upholstered furniture, clothes and other surfaces.
  24. Clip the lid from the tin coat rack in the closet, and the space there will become 2 times larger. Two-level hangers - a dream come true!
    Lid of a tin can
  25. Such a mesh is very convenient to clean pots and pans with non-stick delicate coating. The mesh will remove dirt, leaving no scratches.
    Mandarin mesh
  26. Wagon in the car shower curtain. Excellent litter, which is useful if you decide to arrange an improvised picnic.
    Shower curtain
  27. The hard side of a clean sponge you can clean the sweater from the rolled parts of the nap and brush it.
  28. Old pillowcase - an excellent cover for clothes. Just make a small hole for the hanger.
  29. The oil spray lubricates the hinges on the door like a special oil.
    Oil spray
  30. Saucer from under the flower pot is convenient to use as a stand under the pipes in the bathroom, of which sometimes drips.
    A saucer from under a flowerpot
  31. Pipe cleaners will help make the hanger or pipe in the cabinet not slippery.
    Pipe cleaners
  32. Plastic covers use as supports under the iron jars in the bathroom. Rusty circles will not be any more!
    Plastic scroll
  33. Clamp for money and open packages with bulk materials.
  34. Baby powder will cope with a tight knotted knot! Sodium with its powder and untie it with a pin.
    baby powder
  35. These cute paper packages are useful for tightly closing cans with jam. Also they can be used as a stand for ice cream on a stick: nothing will drip on clothes and hands.
    Cake molds
  36. Here's how to store packages!
    Packages in boxes
  37. With the help of an adhesive tape you can remove a tightly seated ring on your finger, tighten the ends of the laces and even stop the blood. On the rinsed wound it is necessary to paste a piece of scotch - the blood will stop immediately.
  38. Filters for coffee are saved from dirt in the saucers from under the flower pots.
    Coffee filters
  39. Sticky roller can clean the inside surface in pockets and purse!
  40. Sticky roller

  41. Can make coffee or tea! What flavor ...


I would never have thought that a sticky tape could beApply so! But what about the use of candy? These ideas deserve to be seen by your friends! Make your life comfortable, and the quality of life will improve ...