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8 holiday resources

A real journey can only beIndependent. Because the point is not to move from one point to another and stay there. A true traveler discovers the world and opens himself up in the world, so he must decide where, when, how and with whom he wants to go. Redaction "so simple!" Offers you 8 convenient services that will help you choose a place to stay when traveling. Believe me, you'll like it!

Resources for a good vacation

  1. Homelidays
    One of the most convenient Resources for finding houses And apartments in Spain, France, Italy. It is here that you can find excellent options in Sicily, in France, in Spain around Barcelona or in Portugal. This is a large message board where you pay directly to the owner. Each apartment or house has reviews and photos, helping to get a complete picture of the property.
  2. Site about hotels

  3. Tablethotels
    Resource dedicated to Boutique hotels Peace. The descriptions on this site are thoughtful, detailed, imaginative, literate. Here you can find unusual small hotels or hotels with interesting concepts that are part of the large hotel chains of the world. For a fee you can join the club tablethotels and get privileges in many hotels cooperating with the resource: early check-in, a glass of champagne or a complimentary breakfast.
  4. Site about hotels

  5. secretplaces.com
    There are many proposals on classicalEuropean destinations, like France and Italy. The founders of the resource personally choose hotels and visit many of them. Their philosophy they simply describe: "In a hotel presented on our website, we should feel at home or even better." Here it is easy to find Small place, About which very few people know.
  6. Site about hotels

  7. Johansens
    Resource of the publishing house condé nast. Who knows more about luxury hotels than the editors of vogue, glamor, tatler or gq? If you are looking for a luxury boutique hotel, a luxury hotel with a spa or a direction for a couple of days trip, you should contact us here. On the site beautiful juicy pictures, convenient search and interesting collections of editors. Annually annually awards its own awards to hotels and annually checks Hotels To meet high standards.
  8. Site about hotels

  9. Relaischateaux
    Relais chateaux operates the best hotelsAnd restaurants of the world, so here it is worth looking into the search for truly luxurious places. Even if your budget is much more modest than the cost of a night in one of these hotels, you just go to the site just for inspiration for new trips. Here you can find a hotel in a vineyard, a hotel lost in the midst of a forest, a castle, a hotel with a restaurant where a celebrated chef works, and so on.
  10. Site about hotels

  11. Lhw
    The leading hotels of the world - one of theThe largest networks that manage luxury hotels. The site is very similar relais chateaux: here too there is an opportunity to find a castle, a hotel with a fine restaurant, a hotel on the beach, a hotel with a golf course and so on. Particular attention should be paid to the section where you can be inspired New routes.
  12. Site about hotels

  13. Unusualhotelsoftheworld
    Looking for a hotel located in a tram? You here! Here you will find a hotel-plane, hotel-observatory, hotel-wigwam, hotel-cave, hotel-prison and much more. The motto of the resource is sleep with a story, which very accurately describes what I seek personally when booking a hotel: I'm looking for a story.
  14. Site about hotels

  15. Uniquehotels
    Here, maybe not the biggest Choice of unusual hotels, But a very convenient search system: All hotels are sorted by type, so you can easily find a lighthouse hotel, underwater hotel, hotel-castle, ghost hotel, gypsy, soviet or some other unusual hotel.
  16. Site about hotels

More about the resources you can learn in the book Dar'ya orphan "a traveling mood". Take inspiration and boldly go on a trip to meet adventure!