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Replacement of household chemistry

Today in almost every home you can find a myriad of expensive Household chemical goods, Which also hurts people's health. We buy these funds again and again, because we believe that there is no alternative.

But our grandmothers and mothers knew that the most usual means that everyone in the house have - soda, salt, vinegar, ammonia - can become a wonderful alternative to household chemicals. and today "so simple!" Will tell you how to replace harmful and expensive means with absolutely harmless and cheap.

Than to replace household chemicals

household chemicals

  1. Ammonia with soap Will help the windows in your house to shine with purity.
  2. Blend Water with vinegar In a proportion of 1: 1 and add to the mixture a few drops of lavender oil. This tool will become an indispensable universal assistant during harvesting.
  3. Mixture of Vinegar and water In equal proportions - the ideal tool for polishing mirrors.
  4. Mustard powder Will be a wonderful alternative to dishwashing detergents. Mash the powder on a damp sponge, the grease will wash off instantly!
  5. To wash the windows, explore Vinegar and water In a proportion of 1: 5, apply to the glass and wipe with newspapers or a soft rag. Instead of vinegar, you can also use lemon juice.
  6. baking soda - an effective tool for cleaning ovens. To remove fat leave for the night a quarter cup of ammonia in the oven and the next morning, wipe with baking soda.
  7. corn starch Help you clean carpets. For this, it needs to be scattered on a fleecy surface, and then vacuumed.
  8. For cleaning sewer pipes use salt. It must be filled up in a pipe and washed off with boiling water.
  9. To combat lime stains on the sink, bath, toilet: their fields Vinegar, A little embankment Soda And give so to stand. Then the plaque can be easily cleaned with an ordinary brush.
  10. To bleach a fabric it is possible so: on 10 liters water Add 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide And 1 tablespoon Ammonia.

Try to get rid of household chemistry, and you will very soon be able to buy a dress that you have dreamed of for a long time, because you will save a lot of money!