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How to maintain the purity of the house

here he is, Secret of purity!! To keep a house in order, it's enough just to pay attention to these 7 things. But every day, without any exceptions. Except that during illness or holiday you can afford indulgence.

These areas are the most used, most polluted and require constant attention. It is only necessary to relax for a while, and not cleaned, Uncomfortable house You will grieve: some surfaces have the property to be polluted to a catastrophic state in a short time.

Because spending a couple of minutes a day cleaning, it is necessary in order to live in cleanliness!

How to maintain cleanliness

  1. Kitchen sink and dishes
    Do not allow the accumulation of dirty dishes. It's terrible when the washbasin is full of unwashed plates ... in such a kitchen you do not want to eat at all.

    If you wash dishes with a dishwasherMachine, hide the dirty dishes in it until the machine is full. After washing dishes, be sure to clean the sink, let it not be fatty divorce and food leftovers.

  2. bathroom
    The sink in the bathroom is something that you need to pay attention to every day. Of course, if you do not want to then long and tiresomely engage in rubbing toothpaste from its surface.
  3. Cooker and microwave
    Take the rule of wiping the surface of the plate and microwave every time after use. The kitchen and the truth looks much cleaner and tidier!
  4. Kitchen floor
    We use the kitchen most often, there is a very active movement.

    Cooking meals, breakfasts, lunches and dinners leave visible traces - for example, crumbs on the floor. Sweeping the floor in the kitchen every day, you will prevent the spread of dirt around the house.


  5. bed
    Be sure to refuel the bed in the morning, and it will be more pleasant for you to return home! Unclean bed creates a feeling of untidy, dirty house.
  6. Desk, bedside table, shelves
    Wipe the dust daily. It does not take much time, but the effect is wonderful - it's cleaner at home, and you do not breathe dust!
  7. Habitat of a pet
    If you have a cat, a dog, a turtle, a parrot or any other pet - do not forget about them, please.

    Clean the tray in time, walk the dog, remove the fur and feathers. Without these acts of cleanliness in the house just can not see!

These rules seem so obvious, right? But admit yourself honestly ... do you manage to do it every day, do you try to keep up?

7 working areas - not so much, you will spend on cleaning these places for no more than half an hour. But how nice to live in a clean apartment! Do not deprive yourself of such pleasure ...

Advise friends this easy way to maintain cleanliness. They probably know about it, but the reminder will not be superfluous!