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7 ways to get closer

Relations are a delicate thing. Many couples very often face the fact that intimacy is close, and emotional - no. This rule applies to those who are just beginning (the bouquet-candy period), and for more experienced couples who live together for many years. Argue that Emotional intimacy Either there is, or it is not, is also fundamentally wrong.

Because the circumstances sometimes develop in such a way thatPeople living soul in the soul, suddenly feel the chill in the relationship and do not know whether to part, or try to get closer again. If you are doing it that way, we suggest not hacking from the shoulder, but try to correct the situation. Here are 7 main techniques that will help you To get close to your loved one.

How to get closer to each other

boy and girl

  1. Learn to express emotions
    If you feel that something is extremely unhappyAnd just about to explode, so tell your partner about it. "I'm outraged by your behavior," "I'm very upset that you do this", "I'm unhappy that you do not listen to my opinion." The expressed emotions are already half the success. When the partner will know what you feel, he will understand you better, and this promotes emotional closeness.
  2. Learn to ask forgiveness from the heart
    How often do you sincerely, ask with all your heart for forgiveness from your second half? never? rarely? (Which, in general, is one and the same.)

    I had a couple of duty phrases like "forgive""Sori", "I accidentally" and mechanically give them out, like an ATM machine banknotes? A person who sincerely repents, as a rule, changes the intonation, the timbre of the voice, there are gentle notes ... remember, sincerity can not be long offended.

  3. Do not lose emotional contact
    If you lose contact with a partner,Restore it as soon as possible, even if it is "embarrassing", "uncomfortable", "embarrassed" and "the first girls do not call." There is a great risk that an already thin thread of relations can be cut off forever.
  4. Never blackmail with relationships
    I have a girlfriend who, at every quarrel, threatened her boyfriend with parting. This is a big mistake! If the relationship is of value to you - do not manipulate them.
  5. Hug more often!
    If you want a strong relationship - more often hug your partner. It helps to relieve tension and get rid of the cold in a relationship. And remember: no matter what happens, always sleep in the same bed!
  6. Sex is not the main thing
    Many girls (not being married) think that with the help of sex you can build relationships. Unfortunately, it is not. To strengthen what is already there - it is possible, but it is not possible to build "from scratch" in this way.
  7. Develop your relationship
    Relationship is not a constant, butvariable. That is, everything has the property of changing, and the relationship too. If you are not the same as 10 years ago, allow your partner to change too. Build plans, discuss events, dream, enjoy this life and each other!
    boy and girl

As one wise man said: "We need to work on relations"! If you feel that you have found a person with whom you are ready to live your entire life, do not exchange yourselves for trifles - take care of relationships and the system of happiness with your own hands. If this article seemed interesting to you - tell your friends about it. With your loved ones, do not part!