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How to raise a happy child

There is nothing more important for parents than to bring up healthy and happy offspring. And first of all there must be harmony in every family.

We have prepared thirteen useful Tips for moms And dads, which are actually very simple, but very practical. Do not forget about these principles of upbringing, and you will grow up happy and self-assured children!

How to raise a child

  1. Always start with yourself. Try to relax, sleep, eat healthy food, do sports. First of all give your children the right example.
  2. Watch your emotions. Do not bring yourself to stress and emotional disruption. Try to look at things soberly and be calm.
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  4. If the child behaves badly, then regard his behavior as a desire to prove or bring some message to adults. Most likely, he does not have enough attention, care and love from his parents.
  5. Do not remind him constantly of his shortcomings. There should be no comparison with other children. This can reduce the self-esteem of the child. Focus on the merits of the child, help him in achieving goals.
  6. If you want to The child respected Your requests and desires, then respect him.
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  8. Take your child exactly as he is. Do not try to change it completely. Do not break his life, he must choose lessons to his liking and be what he wants to be.
  9. Communicate with the child in a calm tone. Do not yell at him.
  10. Criticize or praise the actions of the child, and not his own. For example, say not "you are bad," but "you did badly in this case."
  11. Look at the child's eyes when talking.
  12. Show the baby that he is an important part of the family. Give him small errands to make him feel useful.
  13. Increase self-esteem Child to the sanity.
  14. Instill responsibility for your child's actions and choices.
  15. Grow a child in love, harmony and care.

If you want your child to be confident, happy and able enjoy life, Take these principles into service.

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