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How to get rid of the stuff in your head

Obsession with things - a fairly common predilection of ourTime to which all segments of the population are exposed: both the rich and the poorest. Some prefer to actively fight against the thingism, pounding themselves in the small space and adapting to unusual conditions, while others turn their houses into real landfill museums, into which it is difficult to even enter, and not only to be inside. However, if your home is in complete order and things are kept to a minimum, this does not mean that they will all fill your home Positive energy. why? Let's turn to eastern wisdom!

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Eastern wisdom Says: ruthlessly get rid of junk. Firstly, the desire to hold on to old things is a sure sign of the psychology of poverty, and secondly, old unnecessary things take away good energy and give away the bad. So, I'm ready to disassemble my closet?

How to get rid of junk

The criterion for selecting unnecessary things is only one: If you have not used the thing for a year or two, then you can safely get rid of it - you will not need it anymore. Remember: when you cling to things that you no longer serve, then subconsciously do not want to let go of ideas that are no longer relevant to you.

If you constantly see in your apartment an oldUtensils, battered blankets, torn in several places wallpaper, then your subconscious forms an image of poverty. However, it is necessary to restore order and get rid of old and unnecessary things - how are the time and money to buy new ones. Perhaps you even noticed such a pattern!


If you have torn or Broken things, Immediately repair them or throw them away, but neitherDo not let them lie down and wait for the opportunity, until the "stars" and "hands reach". From the point of view of eastern psychology, this can be explained very simply: the negative energy that accumulates in a broken thing involuntarily breaks the internal harmony of the house, and this can negatively affect the health of all members of the family!

If you are going to do repairs or buy something for the house, remember: emotions and feelings when buying will affect both your well-being and Energy of the dwelling. Even such a nuance as the rudeness or irritability of the seller can give you an excuse to associate bad memories with this thing, which means that the purchase will not bring the desired joy.

If you believe Eastern Philosophy, your favorite things have the property of giving a positive charge, absorbing the negative. After serving their term, things like batteries are subject to Recycling. But if you do not leave with them in time, a negative charge can spoil the spiritual atmosphere in your home.


How to get rid of unnecessary things

  1. If throughout the year the thing you were looking for and with difficulty found, and remained unclaimed, say goodbye to it.
  2. Get rid of all the old and worn, with specks, holes, as well as from things that are worn, worn and insignificant in appearance.
  3. This rule applies even to books that you bought accidentally and never used them. Leave only that set that will reflect you today and what you would like to become tomorrow.
  4. It is important to have in your wardrobe for realFavorite things, because they give confidence: they are sitting somehow differently, and you feel in them perfectly, and this feeling, whether you like it or not, is transmitted to others.
  5. Throwing into the garbage can, overboard and cracked dishes, mirrors and other things with any defects.
  6. Things have the property of taking over and accumulatingEnergy of a person. Predominantly negative. When the energy becomes too much, the thing begins to give it away. Especially for soft furniture for sleeping.
  7. The maximum service life of a bed or sofa (at least a mattress) is 10 years.
  8. If the house has items that remind you of something bad or are presented by a person whom you dislike, get rid of them.
  9. Constantly change something in your home: rearrange the furniture, wipe the dust. Things should know that they have not been forgotten.
  10. All things in the house should evoke good memories. Otherwise negative associations will reduce the energy of your home.
  11. Before hanging a new shirt in the closet, throw the oldest one.
  12. Get rid of everything that does not fit in style, color and size.
  13. Broken devices work like vampires, taking away the positive energy of the room and giving up the negative.
  14. In the east they say that positive energy is running through the holes and holes on the clothes.
  15. Never wear clothes with which you have negative memories, no matter how much it costs.
  16. If things give you physical discomfort, they should be ruthlessly thrown away.

Of course, it is not necessary to immediately take up cleaning andThrow all the things in the trash. You can sell them, give them, or give them to those people who most need them. To do such a cleaning is very useful: internal and external changes take place, space is freed for everything new, life becomes more harmonious. In general, if you want positive changes in life - free them for a place!

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