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Skirt with watermelon pattern

Light skirt From natural cloth - what you need a girlin summer. And that this thing became a favorite, you can give it a very attractive form for a child's view! Like a watermelon skirt will be a real possession of the wardrobe baby, be sure.

Even if you previously did not have experience withColors, you can easily cope with the task. The bribing combination of pale-red and light-green colors looks so harmonious ... arm yourself with this master class and hurry to perform miracles. Because the gratitude of the child is the most sincere!

That's what you will get as a result. very beautiful Skirt for a girl!!

A girl's skirt for a girl

Skirt with watermelon print

Choose a white skirt made of natural fabric, which you are going to paint.

Skirt with watermelon print

You will need

  • Red and green aniline dyes, as well as a black dye for the fabric
  • gauze
  • 10-13 L of warm water
  • 0.5 liters of hot water
  • 5 tbsp. L. Salt
  • Container for painting
  • 200 ml of vinegar

Skirt with watermelon print


  1. Solvent red dye (1 packet) in hot water. A concentrated solution of the procedure with gauze to filter the insoluble particles of the dye. Add salt here.
  2. Skirt with watermelon print

  3. Place the fabric in a container with hot redSolution and leave it to stain for an hour. Keep the edge of the skirt white, because you decorate them with a green strip. To do this, fix the edges with the clothespin.
  4. Skirt with watermelon print

  5. After painting rinse the skirt. At this stage it will look something like this.
  6. Skirt with watermelon print

  7. Now it remains to dissolve a little green dye with hot water and dip the edges of the skirt into it. For good staining, leave them in green solution for an hour, too.
  8. Skirt with watermelon print

  9. Once again rinse the skirt with cold water. If you add 200 ml of vinegar to this water, the paint will stick to the fabric better.
  10. Skirt with watermelon print

  11. Was the final touch! With a small eraser or a marker, leave prints on the fabric with black paint. Well, very much like watermelon seeds!
  12. Skirt with watermelon print

  13. It looks insanely spectacular. It seems to me, in a girl's wardrobe such a thing will also be appropriate!
  14. Skirt with watermelon print

  15. That's what I understand, summer expanse!
  16. Skirt with watermelon print

Share this instruction to create a lovely summer skirt with friends. Mom, who knows how to do something for her child with her own hands, is perceived as a sorceress!

And if she still loves this business - it turns out something absolutely incredible ... in the season of watermelons, this charm is especially relevant.