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How to tie a turban

Every girl dreams look attractive And very impressive, but not everyone succeeds. What is the secret? Perhaps, in the zest, which is undoubtedly hidden in all, without exception, representatives of the fair sex.

How to find it? First of all in yourself, and secondly - in your own closet! For sure you have a favorite scarf or scarf that you just throw on your shoulders, wrapped in cold.

But what if you try to do creatively and tie it on your head? A great alternative to the boring and dull hats that will be needed in a couple of months!

And before that time you have a great opportunity to practice to look at all 100! Do you still think that with such a handkerchief you will merge with the crowd?

How to tie a turban

Be irresistible simply, most importantly, this really want to! If you liked the video - tell them about your girlfriends. They certainly will appreciate this idea!