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Secrets of Beauty Tatiana Navka

Tatyan - a name that everyone now knows. This chic woman managed to achieve a stunning success not only in professional sports. She was able to achieve harmony in all spheres of life and save her natural beauty! It seems, every year, tanya becomes only better and better, delighting and surprising her fans ...

Tatiana Navka admits she believes in the example of her parents: when she was a child, she observed her mother, who carefully looked after herself, using the most Simple means, And the strawberry face mask was my mother'sFavorite. Mom taught the girl to treat her appearance with due attention. Responsibility, perseverance and diligence are traits that are important not only in sports. In a life without them anywhere! Due to purposefulness Tatiana looks 100%, completely without worrying about her age.

Secrets of beauty


  1. The first rule is to sleep enough time.
    If a woman does not get enough sleep, she will not rejoice at her reflection in the mirror! The Olympic champion considers a dream the most important element of beauty and health.

    Full sleep not only prevents agingSkin, but also helps to keep the figure - when you get enough sleep, there are a lot less during the day. So get enough sleep, no matter how difficult this task seems to you, is the most reasonable investment of time in your appearance.

  2. Sport is the best means of maintaining health.
    Skater completed her professional career, butTo engage in physical exercises has not ceased. She enjoys fitness training, and also likes casual skating with friends. Tatiana considers stupid grueling diets, sports - this is the medicine for the figure. The most important thing is to start, and the woman who has entered into the taste from training will not be able to escape!
  3. Food requires a reasonable approach.
    Tatiana Navka always watched the figure, becauseIce every extra gram can play against the athlete. But this does not mean that she refused herself in everything! Tanya loves the sweet and can sometimes afford a tempting dessert - just after that she will spend calories during training, intensively practicing the eaten "sweet sin". In fact it is a shame for the shown weakness!

    The woman noticed: If there is a sweet rarely, then an increased interest in it fades away. To fall asleep with a feeling of hunger was always a difficult test for her, because the athlete does not miss dinner. If you treat food with moderation, then everything will be all right!

A one-day menu from the Tatiana's head

  1. breakfast: A cup of coffee, oatmeal in milk with pieces of apples, pears and raspberries, a glass of kefir.
  2. dinner: Borsch (Tatiana loves to cook, and this dish is one of her favorite!) And a light vegetable salad with olive oil.
  3. dinner: Juicy fried steak with blood, cookedSteamed vegetables. Protein for dinner - an excellent building material for muscles, in addition, meat satiates. Immediately before falling asleep Tatiana can eat an apple.

The sportswoman drinks much water And advises all women not to neglect this useful ritual. Water cleanses the body and helps not to overeat.


Perfect skin is impossible without thorough cleansing. The secret of Tatiana's beautiful skin condition is that she always cleansed and moistened her very well. Tanya does not abuse cosmetics, most of all she likes a mask-scrub for skin from honey and salt.

Convenient and effective to do it during the hike inBath: on the steamed skin honey is applied, salt is distributed from above by massage movements. Bath and massage - two procedures that the skater makes every week without fail. She adores the feeling of lightness and vigor in the body after a massage!


The best beauty is the natural. In no case does the Tatiana napka condemnWomen who resort to plastic surgery to improve their appearance. But for her this measure seems extreme. If a person cares for himself, then he will not need serious interventions. Keep yourself toned always and then do not have to go under the knife or do horribly expensive injections!


Smoking is the worst enemy of beauty. The sportswoman treats smoking extremely negativelyAnd advises all women who are caught in the network of this bad habit, immediately out of them to get out. Healthy, blossoming appearance is impossible, if you smoke, - in this Tatiana is sure.

This passionate woman attracts her charisma. It's amazing what she has achieved all by herself, working both on her career, her appearance, and the development of personal qualities. Tatiana Navka can be safely put as an example: the Olympic champion, who was held as a woman, is admirable. Share the secrets of beauty of an outstanding figure skater with friends, such people inspire to be better!