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Harmful eating habits

Probably, no one will argue that the food shouldTo charge the body with energy, to give strength and vivacity for the whole day. However, it often happens that after eating somewhere in a cafe, at home or at home, we feel tired, sleepy, apathetic and even appears Bloating Or diarrhea.

Like and the products were fresh, and served a dish withHeat with a heat, but working capacity falls, the stomach begins to behave in a completely unexpected way. It turns out that food can not only give the body strength and health, but also deprive them. What food habits should be avoided, We will tell in our article.

Harmful eating habits

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  1. Combination of starch and protein
    Probably many of us sin by choosingTo the mashed potatoes chop, stew, steak. Or eat fish with bread. Or porridge with meat ... in general, there can be a lot of examples, but the main thing is to remember this rule: use starches and proteins at different times!

    In other words, eat foods like bread, cereals, potatoes and other starchy foods separately from meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts and other protein foods.

    The whole point is that the starch is digestedQuickly, and protein - slowly. And instead of quickly getting into the small intestine, the starchy foods are forced to "stand in line" and wait for several hours while the stomach digests the protein. Than it is fraught? Upset stomach, heartburn, belching and bloating. Remember that with starch and protein is best combined vegetables.

  2. Habit of drinking cold drinks
    In the height of summer, few can resistThe temptation to cool yourself with water or other beverages that were previously placed in the refrigerator. However, ice water acts extremely detrimental: it narrows blood vessels, prevents the body from digesting food and absorbing nutrients. And this A direct path to obesity.

    If you buy a glass of soda in a shop or in a cafe or a bottle of water - order without ice or ask for room temperature.

  3. The habit of drinking a meal
    Water is great. The more you drink it, the faster the body cleanses of toxins and toxins, regulates the water balance, and improves well-being. But when the food, getting into the stomach, drowns in several glasses of water - this can cause Indigestion, Bloating, colic and other troubles.

    The best thing to do is drink plenty of water an hour before or one hour after eating. And if absolutely unbearable, then limit yourself to at least one glass.

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If you follow these simple recommendations, then food will cause a surge of strength, vigor and efficiency. Share these tips with your friends! They will probably want to rethink their eating habits!