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How to teach a child to draw

Many parents dream that their children can Beautifully draw. For this you need to teach the kids basic skills. For parents who do not know how to do it correctly, we have prepared 15 schemes. These helpful instructions will help moms and dads teach their children how to draw with the help of numbers. This task is very exciting and at the same time completely uncomplicated. It's great that this type of drawing will surely appeal to children.

How to teach a child to draw

  1. Draw a hare with the number 3
  2. Drawing a hare

  3. Cockerel - golden comb
  4. Drawing a cockerel

  5. Digit 9 turns into a koala
  6. Draw koala

  7. Digit 1 turns into a boat
  8. Draw a boat

  9. Bird in flight
  10. Draw a bird

  11. Woodpecker from the figure 12
  12. Draw a woodpecker

  13. shark
  14. Draw a shark

  15. Stork from the number 2
  16. We draw a stork

  17. Chicken pheasant
  18. Draw a chicken pheasant

  19. Sleeping ducky
  20. Drawing a ducky

  21. Monkey
  22. Drawing a monkey

  23. A cap from the number 2
  24. Draw a rat

  25. kangaroo
  26. Drawing a kangaroo

  27. owl
  28. Drawing an owl

  29. Ladybird from the figure 4
  30. Drawing a cow

Such schemes not only teach children drawing, but also contribute to the development of their imagination. After training the child write on a piece of paper a figure and ask him yourself Finish Something that will come to his mind. You can also use letters and various geometric shapes. You'll see, children will find a solution that even an adult can not even think of. Guide the child to the creative path!

Share with your friends these wonderful ideas. Let them teach their kids to draw.