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How to develop a sense of gratitude in the child

In the modern world it becomes quite difficult to raise really Grateful children, Simply because the child is very difficultExplain why he does not have what others have. Will the availability of the newest smartphone or another gadget of your child be better? no. But gratitude for everything that he has and even for the opportunities that life provides him, is capable of this. "so simple!" Has prepared 7 good tips that will help you to bring up in the child a sense of gratitude.

How to raise grateful children

mother with daughter

  1. Try to do without luxury goods for at least a week
    When we satisfy the smallest whim of a child,He begins to believe that he has the right to everything: from simple chocolate to the newest gadget. To develop in your child a sense of gratitude, try the whole family to give up luxury goods for a week. Turn off the TV and air conditioning. It can create discomfort, but it's a wonderful way to show your family that you need to appreciate what you have.
  2. Volunteer
    Once a month, deal with your childVolunteering. Let him play with old people in a nursing home for board games or help you clean up in the park. Options can be mass, and the result will change your life and the life of your child!
  3. Teach the child to benefit from everything
    If a long cork takes your child out ofYourself, and the rain on the weekend seems to him the end of the world, you should teach him to benefit from any setback that life brings. For example, if you need to work on the weekend, explain to your child that as a result of this you will earn more money and on the next weekend you can take him to a movie or an amusement park. If you were caught in the rain for a walk, tell your child that you will not have to wash the car now.
  4. "what if?"
    One of the best ways to teach your child gratitude is to show him that some people have much less than him. Ask him: "What if you did not have a place to sleep? What if you had to stand in line for food? That if you were sick and could not afford a visit to a doctor? " These questions will help him understand that he should be happy with what he has.
  5. Say thank you
    If you want to teach your child to beGrateful, do it yourself. Thank everyone you meet during the day, whether it's a store salesman, a doorman or a waiter. So you show your child that you can lift a person's mood for the whole day, just saying thank you.
  6. Make thanks daily ritual
    Studies show that grateful people are the happiest. So before the family dinner, let everyone say a few words, for which he is grateful to life, to his relatives and friends.
  7. Change the perspective
    Forget the phrase "I must…". Replace it with an installation "I am pleased to…". eg: "I am happy to take my children from school" or "I'm happy to watch my son play football". This simple installation will help you to receive from life small pleasures every day and teach your children how to do it.

Most importantly - remember that a child always takes an example from you and, only when you yourself learn to be grateful for everything you have, your child will do the same.