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Low-calorie dinner

There is also Not get better Is the dream of every woman. And what to say about that moment, when the hour hand passes for 18:00! The hand traitors to the refrigerator, while the mind literally screams: "do not eat! do not eat!"At this moment, hunger begins to compete with willpower, and it depends not only on your figure, but also on self-esteem on who exactly wins the match.

However, after reading this article, you can no longer test your strength of will for strength. We offer to your attention 10 foods low in calories, Which you can eat even at night!

Low-calorie dinner

  1. Boiled vegetables
    If you want to keep the figure - boiled vegetables for you! They do not have fats, which means that you do not face excess weight. Exception: nevertheless, potatoes and beans should be avoided.
  2. Boiled vegetables

  3. canned corn
    Do you want to give the boiled vegetables a piquant taste? Add canned corn! Tasty and without harm to the figure.
  4. canned corn

  5. chicken breast
    Can not you deny yourself the pleasure of eating meat? Give preference to low-fat chicken breast or turkey, which are a source of protein and other useful elements.
  6. chicken breast

  7. Yoghurt or yogurt
    A delicious, nutritious and harmless for the figure dinner, which, if desired, can be supplemented with berries or pieces of fruit.
  8. Yoghurt with raspberries

  9. Vegetable caviar
    Any vegetable caviar (eggplant, squash) without bread can be an excellent light dinner. Delicious and without extra calories!
  10. Vegetable caviar

  11. baked apple
    Due to the fact that the baked apple contains a moderate amount of sugars, it helps to quickly satisfy the hunger and has a great effect on the figure.
  12. baked apple

  13. almond
    Almonds are considered the safest walnut for a figure. Just one handful will perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger, without disturbing a full night's rest.
  14. almond

  15. porridge
    Perfectly satiates and does not harm for the shape of porridge, cooked on the water. Without oil, of course.
  16. porridge

  17. Soya chips
    Soya chips - excellent Alternative to a dense dinner!!
  18. Soya chips

  19. Sushi
    In a small amount of land will not affectYour figure. But in seafood and rice contains a sufficient number of vitamins and trace elements, which will ensure a smooth complexion, harmony and full sleep!
  20. Sushi

But how do you overcome the hunger that sneaks before going to sleep? Tell your friends about these low-calorie foods!