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Products that harm the brain

Are you afraid of problems with memory and concentration? Probably, you know that avocados, blueberries and black chocolate activate Brain activity. But there are products that cause damage to the brain ...

If you want to always have clear mind, Limit in the diet products that inhibit brain activity.

Products that harm the brain

  1. salt
    If the sodium exceeds the permissible norm in the blood, the transmission of nerve impulses is disturbed, which inhibits the work of the brain.
  2. sugar
    The excessive consumption of sugar is fraught not only with a spoiled figure. Attention deficit disorder, learning difficulties, absent-mindedness are satellites of sweet life.
  3. Animal fats
    In fatty grades of meat there is a lot Cholesterol Low density. Excessive consumption of animal fats leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Blockage of blood vessels and impaired cerebral circulation - this is what awaits those who often pamper themselves with fatty steaks from pork.
  4. Crisps and crisps
    Excessive consumption of these products is poisoning our brain. Especially like to crunch different snacks children. Such food hampers the work of the brain and reduces mental ability. watch your back!
  5. alcohol
    The harmful effects of alcohol on the brain are undeniable. Worse, if alcohol abuse parents, it affects their children. Even single doses of alcohol can block normal processes of brain activity.

Of course, in reasonable quantities these products do notWill damage the brain: know in all measure. Well, and to develop your intellect read books, communicate with interesting people, engage in physical education and often go out into the open air.

Tell your friends about a possible hidden threat to their brain.