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How to develop the brain

Never stop in your development! Alas, lazy people do not know the limits. Lazy to be bad because lazy man Is primarily harmful to himself.

As soon as you stop, stop developing and give enough time to get better, you automatically become worse.

Our brain is full of laziness, or rather, what kind of host, such a brain. If you're used to it Stereotype, Every day to do similar actions and walk the beaten paths, your brain ceases to develop.

These are not empty words - how often do we meet people who completely refuse all new things? at every step! All because they allowed the brain to relax and stopped developing it.

Our simple tips will help you maintain your brain in perfect condition until old age, keeping a sober mind and sharp mind.

How to develop the brain

How to develop the brain

  1. If you are uncomfortable with change, listen to yourself.
    For example, you buy coffee of the same brand for more than a month. He disappears from the shelf of his favorite store - and everything, you fall into despair.

    It is better to try another, not less qualitativeBrand. Our life consists of little things, do not forget. Changes are natural, life is in constant flux and the brain must be plastic to keep up with the changes around.

  2. Enough to reread the books!
    The brain that reads a new book, watches a new film and - which is very important! - listening to new music, improving, new neural connections appear in it. Do not deprive yourself of this opportunity to become better!
  3. Go in new ways.
    If you constantly walk the same road, try another route. Pay attention to the new buildings that will meet on your way. This very well activates the work of the brain.
  4. Listen to new music.
    The more new music you listen to, the better your brain works!

    Switch radio stations, watch for newAlbums - this will increase your ability to analyze information and improve memory. When you listen to the usual compositions, the brain forms engrams - the so-called traces of memory, established neural connections.

    We are not interested in having a large number of engrams, we need new ones. Thanks to them the brain keeps youth!

  5. Get acquainted with new people.
    New people - new impressions. Sometimes it's scary and unfamiliar in the company of new friends, but, believe me, communication with them is very valuable for you.

    It is psychologically pleasant to communicate with old trusted friends, but interacting with new people makes the brain work better, absorb new information and give out fresh thoughts.

  6. Get a dog.
    The dog will bring chaos into your life, whatever breed you choose. Walks, caring for animals and solving new household issues will help your brain not to stagnate on the spot.
  7. Learn to criticize.
    It is accepted to criticize new changes and to speak,Which used to be better ... it is much more constructive to replace criticism with the search for benefits in a new situation. You can see everything from at least two sides, remember this!
  8. Stop hanging labels on people.
    Not always a person who drinks alcohol today - an alcoholic. A person with a bad mood - not necessarily evil.

    Baptizing someone in the depths of your soul so, you will perceive it prejudiced. Because the brain is too lazy to assume that everything is much more complicated, and each person is multifaceted ...

    Ernest Hemingway

  9. Use new spirits.
    New smells - spirits, spices, tea, a face cream - is a palette of new sensations. Add new smells to your life, and the brain will be much better able to think.
  10. Learn foreign languages.
    Learning a new language, memorizing new words, you are very good at training the brain.

    To protect oneself from the numbness of the brain and the deterioration of its work, one can learn poetry by heart - every day one by one. This can be turned even into a fascinating hobby!

Monotony kills the brain and causes Premature aging. Fill your life with bright moments, let each day will not be like the previous one!

Your brain will necessarily react to this - creative ideas, good memory and exceptional wit. Great, is not it? Show this post to all friends, especially it will be useful to people aged!