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Autolifting from Clarins

Every woman dreams to look perfect and Stay longer than a young and beautiful. Therefore cosmetologists have developed a specialMassage technique. It is able to remove toxins, noticeably rejuvenate the skin, improve the contour of the face and much more. This is what is really worth trying. Especially since this self-massage takes no more than 5 minutes!

Before a massage, take off your make-up and wash your hands. Do it shortly before sleep, using any night cream suitable for your skin type. Perform each exercise three times. For each exercise should go from 5 to 15 seconds.

Preparation for massage

Self-massage technique

  1. Sit on a chair. Squeeze the cream on a clean palm. Heat it in your hands and apply it to your face.
  2. The elbows should be on your knees, while the head should rest on the palms of your hands.
  3. Relax your neck, your arms should hold your head.
  4. With the help of light pressing movements, move the palms to the temples. Then slowly go over the ears.

face massage

  1. Smooth wrinkles on the forehead
    Put your forehead in the palm of your hand. Then move your palms to your temples and then to the crown.
  2. Self-massage technique

  3. Get rid of dark circles under the eyes
    Close your eyes with your hands. After moving them to the temples, then behind the ears. And there was no fatigue.
  4. Self-massage technique

  5. Make the face oval more correct
    Put your palms on your cheeks. Then move your palms to your temples, then cross over your ears. You will soon notice that the facial features have become more correct and expressive.
  6. Self-massage technique

  7. Prevent the appearance of fat fold between the chin and neck
    Head on the palms, wrists together. Lightly push on the cheeks, then push your hands to your temples and move to your ears.
  8. Self-massage technique

  9. We deduce toxins
    Lean on the palm of your lower jaw. Put your face on your wrists. Hold hands along the face. Then put your hands on your ears.
  10. Self-massage technique

These exercises should be done very carefully, butWhile lightly pressing on the skin. If you do everything correctly, then after a while you will notice the result, from which you will be delighted.

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