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Secrets of WhatsApp

If you are the owner of a smartphone, then you probably know what itself is whatsapp.

This program has already earned the love and respect of more than a million users around the world, however, despite the popularity of whatsapp, many users do not know all of its features.

If you are not yet aware of how to make your account confidential and safe or, for example, get rid of annoying Sound notifications, This article will be interesting to you!

Secrets of whatsapp


  1. Set privacy
    To adjust the visibility of personal data(Status, profile photo), you just go to the settings menu - "account" - "privacy". But if you want to protect information from prying eyes, choose the item "no one".
  2. Block user
    If you need to put someone in blackList, just go to the "settings" - "account" - "privacy" - "blocked." By clicking on the icon in the upper right corner, you will see a list of all your contacts. In order to block someone, just select the desired contact.
  3. Disable automatic media downloading
    Those who travel often know how expensivePay for downloading files while roaming. In order to disable this option, you need to go to the "settings" menu - "chat settings" - "media startup".

    Go to each of the items ("mobile network", "wi-fi", "in roaming") and remove the tick in front of the "image", "audio" and "video".

  4. Manage sound notifications
    To turn off the sound notification (the melody of the contact, the sounds in the chat), just go to the "settings" - "notifications" menu.
  5. Go to the new mobile number
    If you changed the sim-card, you do not need to get into whatsapp a new account. Just go to the "settings" - "account" - "change the number", confirm the old number and enter a new one.
  6. Whatsapp

  7. Copy messages
    This useful feature allows you not to lose the necessary information and always have it at hand. Go to the "settings" - "chat settings" - "backup chats." Ready!
  8. Recover deleted messages
    If due to negligence or as a result of a malfunctionSystem you have deleted messages - they can be restored. Whatsapp automatically creates backups every time and stores them on your phone's microsd card.

    First you need to remove and reinstall whatsapp, and when the messenger prompts you to restore the message history, just click on the "restore" button.

  9. Set password
    If your correspondence in whatsapp is not intended for prying eyes, it is better to protect it with a messenger-password. This can be done with the help of applications such as chatlock.
  10. Send files of any type
    Whatsapp has some limitations on sendingFiles. You can send only certain types of files, which, moreover, should not exceed 15 MB. Do you want to get around this restriction? Download the application cloudsend, load it with the required file, copy the link and send it to any friend. When he will follow the link, he will be able to download a file of any size.
  11. Get rid of junk files
    In people who often use a messenger,Often clogged memory of the smartphone (for example, photos or video). To get rid of unnecessary files, it's enough to use the wcleaner for wa application.


Technical progress inexorably moves forward,Offering consumers more opportunities. If your friends use whatsapp, share this article with them. Maybe they will find out something new for themselves!