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Foot massage

Legs experience a huge load throughout the day. Very often we suffer from foot fatigue in the evenings, especially women who like heels so much ... Foot massage Helps to relieve tension, but it is not only necessary to do it!

According to the principles of reflexology, on the soles of the feetThe main points are located, which are responsible for the correct functioning of the whole organism. Such a simple action as massaging the feet, will help to forget about the pain in different parts of the body! Due to the stimulation of special zones, the blood flows to the internal organs, and this helps to solve a number of health problems.

Points on the legs

foot massage

nerve endingsLocated on their feet - a valuable toolFor healing! In Far Eastern medicine, foot and finger massage is considered a panacea. Doing this procedure in the evening, you will feel better, feel better, during the night sleep you will fully rest and wake up in the morning renewed ...

This video will show you how to properly massage your feet. It is not only useful therapy, but also very, very pleasant.

Active points for foot massage

  1. If you massage Tips of toes, You can get rid of the headache and stimulate the activity of the brain.
  2. Area around Big toes Will help to cope with the pain in the neck - you only need to actively massage it.
  3. Massage area in Center of foot Helps to cope with lung diseases, facilitates the pathological state of asthma, relieves dyspnea.
  4. Stretching a little Below the thumb On the foot, a convex pillow, you take care of the entire cardiovascular system and help the heart to work without failures.
  5. massage The inside of the foot, Under the arch, relieve the load from the liver and relieve the pain.
  6. Pain in the lower back will subside, if you massage yourself thoroughly Heel.

Tired legs deserve an encouraging massage. Tell your friends about this wonderful method of healing, let their health be strong!