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Useful advice for all occasions

Without tricks, our life would be much more difficult! Ingenuity is the driving force of progress. "so simple!" Offers you a new batch of tips that are indisputably useful in different situations. Housewives, students and creative people of different professions are constantly replenishing the moneybox Lifhak, Which I want to apply constantly. Remember and enjoy your health! Whatever you do, these everyday hints will simplify the task.

Advice for all occasions

  1. When batteries are needed, and at hand only small ones, use foil.
  2. A stand for fruits and sweets is perfect for storing cosmetics. Order and beauty!
    Fruit stand
  3. You'll never mistake the keys if you paint them in different colors with nail polish.
  4. If you need to pour something from a container filled with liquid, attach a sushi stick or a handle to the neck. Nothing will spill over!
  5. Hot pepper will not leave burning marks on your hands, if after work you votresh in the skin a little olive oil, and then wash your hands with soap. If the pepper accidentally fell into the eyes - wash them with milk.
    hot peppers
  6. You will quickly get rid of the smell of garlic on your hands if you tear them with a stainless steel spoon under a stream of cold water.
    The smell of garlic
  7. When the oil is cold and hard, use a grater. Grated oil is easier to smear on bread.
    Oil and grater
  8. Coffee beans are a chic decorative element. Such a stand for brushes and pencils will all be jealous!
  9. The forceps for straightening the hair iron the collar on the shirt.
    Hair curlers
  10. Fried eggs can be easily made using as an onion ring.
  11. Build a powerful flashlight from a mobile phone, put under a bottle.
    How to draw a flashlight
  12. Spiral from the ballpoint pen protects the cable from breaking.
  13. Use a clothespin, and you just do not hit the hammer on your fingers, clogging the stud.
  14. Put a wooden spoon on a saucepan with boiling soup or broth - nothing will result!
    wooden spoon
  15. Corn rings - a magnificent candlestick that you can use for a festive cake! Do not have to pick out candles, no traces of wax on the birthday cake, in addition, the rings are edible.
  16. Increase the working surface area in the kitchen - it's easy! Place another cutting board on the drawer.
    Board in a drawer
  17. A clip for the package will help to repair beach shoes.
    Flip flops
  18. Use a container of sunscreen as a storage for the phone, money and keys on the beach.
    How to store keys
  19. When in a jar there is very little favorite chocolate delicacy, add ice cream to it! You can also pour a can with the remnants of "nutella" with hot milk - you will get a fragrant drink.
  20. To cool the laptop, put a cardboard tray out of it under the eggs. Air circulation is ensured!
    a laptop
  21. If the bread is too fresh, turn it over before cutting.
    How to cut bread
  22. An exquisite pattern on the pie can be done by sifting the powder through a napkin.
    Cake pattern
  23. If during the cutting of onion chewing gum, no tears are not threatened!
  24. A pizza box will be replaced with a scoop that can be thrown away immediately along with the garbage.
    Pizza box
  25. Such a barometer - a brilliant stand for the tablet. Movies are very convenient to watch! Put it on the back - the iron base will turn into a stand, ground under the tablet.
  26. If you put wet wipes on the fan grill, the room will be filled with a pleasant scent.
  27. From a plastic cup, you can also make a stand for the tablet.
    a plastic cup
  28. A convenient method of storing paper towels in the kitchen.
    How to store paper towels

From time to time I use each of theseAdvice - they are incredibly appropriate. And pulls specially to bake a cake, to sprinkle it with powder through a fancy napkin! If you share my enthusiasm - give your friends useful advice, surely they will learn something new.