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20 secrets of beauty

What kind of woman does not dream of having perfect body? But, unfortunately, not everyone understands that you can get it only by diligently working on your body and habits.

If you do not come out to collect the will power into a fist to become on the path to the realization of your dreams, "so simple!" Will help you with this. We have prepared 20 tips and rules, adhering to which you can achieve remarkable results in short lines!

beauty secrets

  1. Most importantly - a psychological attitude. Tell yourself: "I did not follow my diet and go in for sports, to gain weight again, walking on the occasion of fleeting desires".
  2. Do not drink anything after eating, this leads to heaviness and dilates the walls of the stomach. Keep from drinking one more hour after eating.
  3. Exercises for the muscles of the press do not burn fat. The press you, of course, will appear, but under the fatty deposits. If you want to get rid of Belly fat, Constantly pull it and strain the muscles.
  4. Eat as often as possible and in small portions. Ideal - 5 meals a day every 3 hours, at the same time.
  5. Baths and saunas do not help lose excess weight, they just remove water from the body, which returns after 2 hours.
  6. After 16:00, use only protein foods, as carbohydrates in the afternoon turn into fat.
  7. Take in the morning a contrast shower. It will not only improve your blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, but also smooth out cellulite, improve complexion and even increase your willpower.
  8. Always chew food slowly and thoroughly. This will speed up metabolism and help burn calories faster.
  9. Machi kicks - the best exercise for getting rid of Fat on the hips, And for calf use stretching.
  10. Start eating without a TV and books. Sit at a table with a straight back and use all the cutlery. And try to eat without clothes in front of the mirror - this is the best motivation.
  11. If you suddenly want to have a snack, do a little exercise: 20 sit-ups and 50 jumps. laziness? Then just take a bath. The main thing is that you forget about food for a while.
  12. Be sure to do physical exercises every day.
  13. If you want to have an ideal figure, start playing sports at least 2-3 times a week, and after training do not forget about stretching.
  14. Every morning on an empty stomach drink 2 glasses of water, you can with a lemon, and after 10 minutes use 2 teaspoons of olive or linseed oil. During breakfast you eat a green apple.
  15. Breakfast is the most important meal, so it should be full to provide the body with energy for the whole day.
  16. In the intervals between meals, drink water in small sips. Water is your best friend!
  17. Well, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, soda, fast food, chips, mayonnaise, sausages are the main enemies. This is the cause of your cellulite and sides.
  18. Nuts and oils are very useful products, but use them in moderation.
  19. Forget the habit of drinking tea while eating.
  20. Satiety Comes 20 minutes after eating. Imagine how much you can eat in 20 minutes.


Try to adhere to these tips, at least in order to improve your overall health, and as a bonus you will get the perfect body! And do not forget to tell your friends about these tips!