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Where does the vital energy go?

Probably, many people had a situation when the forcesSomewhere they disappeared, although you did not do anything particularly serious. And all the fault of our habits. In order to be healthy and happy, you need not only to do physical exercises, but also pay attention to the development of the spiritual world. Eastern medicine argues that it is precisely the problems with The inner world Cause disease. Pay attention to 9 reasons that take away your strength.

That takes away your strength

Vital energy

  1. Things that you did not finish
    If you do not finish the business to the end, they pull outYour strength, even if you do not pay attention to it. Try to keep promises, give back money and things borrowed, bring it all to the end, or not get down to business, knowing that you do not have time to do it.
  2. False
    When a person says untruth, he spends a lot of energy on creating it and maintaining images that are fictitious. Do not curse your soul. Do not lie to yourself and others. be yourself.
  3. Fear, distrust, hostility
    With fear and distrust very quickly spent energy resources, as the body is under stress, it is preparing for the worst, and it is exhausting.
  4. Overload of various kinds. Also a lack of physical activity and contact with nature
    If you are all in work and experience, then the forces are quickly wasted. The hormones of the adrenal cortex are also consumed because of trifles. This can lead to kidney failure.
  5. Chatter about nothing and fussiness
    To talk about nothing often takes energy. You can feel it after the practice of silence.
  6. Resentment and self-isolation
    Each person is an open energy system. If he is in isolation, he will begin to weaken. Communicate with relatives, do not hold resentment, meet more often with friends.
  7. Lack of sleep
    If you do not sleep, the body does not recover and does not rest. Toxins are also accumulated and biorhythms are lost.
  8. Overeating and bad habits
    At overeating and bad habits the organism spends forces on neutralization of toxins and their deducing. It overloads the nervous system, kidneys and intestines.
  9. Diseases, external circumstances and energy vampires
    Illness and external circumstances also take up a lot of energy. To this point is the communication with unpleasant people.

Do not waste your energy in vain, but rather save them for happy life.

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