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Advices of Ivan Neumyvakin

The best of the best fall into astronauts, but everyone can have good health! Ivan Pavlovich neumyvakin - famous Soviet professor, Who cared about the health of astronauts and developed a special system that allows the conquerors of space never to get sick.

His research is full of novelty, unusual developments and differ from methods popular in traditional medicine.

Looking at photos 86-year-old Ivan Pavlovich, unwittingly want to follow his advice - a blooming and energetic grandfather at such a venerable age manages Without drugs. And assures, that for this purpose it is necessary only to consider simple laws of preservation of health.

Ivan neumyvakin

Ivan's advice neumyvakina

  1. Ivan Pavlovich advises less to eat.
    Reduction of the usual portion of food - a step towards the improvement of the body, getting rid of slagging and improving digestion. All the extra food becomes the cause of the disease!

    Ideal balance of products per day forNeumyvakinu: proteins (better - vegetable, lean meat and fish) - 15-20%; Vegetable food - 50-60% (as much as possible of raw fruits and vegetables); Carbohydrates (mainly bread with coarse fibers and cereals) - 30-35%.

  2. The better you chew food, the better it is absorbed.
    Chew food until its characteristic taste disappears. Never eat or cook in anger and haste, try to make food intake a special ritual.

    Do not mix carbohydrate food with protein - try to divide carbohydrates and proteins into two separate meals.

  3. After a meal you need to rest.
    20 minutes of rest is enough for the body to give itself completely to the process of digestion and absorb all valuable substances in a state of rest. Remember that digestion itself is an energy intensive process.
  4. Dine no later than 18-19 hours.
    it is very important! Your dinner should not be late - then any problems with excess weight will disappear, and the body will perfectly self-clean.
  5. Drink water 10-15 minutes before eating.
    After a meal do not drink anything for 2 hours - it's about water, coffee, tea, compote, etc.

    This is the optimal drinking regime for better digestion. A day be sure to drink 2 liters of water, monitor its quality - this is the basis of health.

  6. Do not eat hot food - use only warm.
    The same goes for drinks.
  7. Once a week, a fasting day is carried out.
    Choose the one that best suits your body: fruit, juice day, kefir or vegetable. Such unloading days mobilize the body's defenses.
  8. Crouch.
    We wrote earlier about healing squats, which Professor Neumyvakin recommends performing to all.

    Add to daily squats walking on the stairs, forget about the elevator - and your physical form will not be worse than the cosmonaut.

  9. Do not eat, if you do not want to!
    Force yourself to eat and cram into the body food - this is a crime against health. If you are not hungry, it means that previously eaten food has not yet been digested.
    Ivan neumyvakin
  10. Do not do to others what you would not wish yourself.
    How does this apply to health? Professor neumyvakin believes that a spiritual fall inevitably leads to premature death - when a person is weak in spirit, his body also weakens.
  11. If you have a high fever during illness, it is desirable to starve.
    At a temperature you need to drink plenty of fluids, observe bed rest and give up on time from eating. Then recovery will come very quickly.
  12. Drink on an empty stomach water with a pinch of salt.
    It will save you from stagnant phenomena in the gallbladder and help the body to work actively all day.

Self-discipline - something without which it is impossible to have good health, Ivan Pavlovitch believes. The above rules are obvious, simple and understandable. If all of them adhered, life without medicines would become a reality!

Remember these golden canons of health, and then any illnesses will remain in the past. Share the basics of the recovery of Ivan Pavlovich neumyvakina with friends, take care of them!