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How to park properly

If you ever attended a driving school, then,You probably remember how interesting and saturated the driving lessons were. And if you are also a representative of the beautiful half of humanity - for sure the article will evoke warm memories of those beautiful days when you first tried to tame the iron beast and show who is still the chief behind the wheel and on the road.

When I first got behind the wheel, I felt something that could not be described: sweating palms, panic attacks and complete disorientation in Driving.

I always forgot something: Then buckle up, then look in the rearview mirror, and park behind or drive into an imaginary garage was generally a death-like: then my "garage" left a meter to the right or left, it was too long or zigzagged ...

Today edition "so simple!" Will tell you how to park properly, so as not to provoke discontent among passers-by, motorists and even more so representatives of law enforcement agencies.

Parking place

How to park properly

  1. If you found free parking space, Accept our congratulations, the most difficult part is over! Go ahead a bit and stop. The rear wheel of your iron horse should be parallel to the rear bumper of the car in front.
  2. If the first condition is met, turn the rudder to the side to the side of the roadside. Everything is simple, is not it?
  3. Do not forget what you were taught in a driving school, and notHurry back down until the center of your rear wheel is equal to the near edge of the car that is ahead. By the way, make sure that you do not drive a pedestrian or animal, which just decided to be in the same place as your wheel.

    If, as the motorists say, it is clean - level the steering wheel and continue to take it back.

  4. When the second rear wheel is also equal to the edge of the car, turn the steering wheel to the other side.
  5. All done right? Drown out the motor, get out of the car and admire the result of your efforts!

How to park

And you remember your instructors and driving lessons? Share this article with your friends and memories of driving school. Neither a nail nor a rod!