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5 secrets of charm

Many mistakenly believe that the ability to causeThe sympathy and disposition of other people is given to a person from birth. Not shy of the soul, we can admit that women are often puzzled about this: looking at the imaginary or real rival, the fair sex does not understand how one can be so ugly and at the same time literally attract men.

It turns out, charm Not always an innate quality. If desired, and with the help of special techniques, it can not only be developed, but also strengthened.

Secrets of charm

  1. Eyebrow Game
    In order to maximize contact withInterlocutor, have a little work. At least arrange an ambush and watch other people. You should pay attention to such a factor as the game of eyebrows. If you see that a person throws up his eyebrows (this gesture lasts about one sixth of a second), you know - this is the first and most important signal that speaks about the friendly mood of the interlocutor. By the way, men can also use another gesture - a chin propelled forward and slightly upward.

    You can also use this technique, letting another person know that he is positive towards him. A great start to a strong friendship, is not it?

  2. Head tilt
    At the level of instincts, people hide their necks not onlyWhen it's cold, but when they feel danger. If a person greets the other with a nod of the head to the right or to the left, he puts one of the carotid arteries under attack, the rupture of which can lead to death. People who feel threaten unconsciously hide carotid arteries, pulling their heads in the shoulders. Respectively, if another person does not pose a threat - we keep our necks open.
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  4. Sincere smile
    It's no secret that the person whoSmiles, seems much more attractive, nice, he seems to radiate confidence and benevolence, it seems not so arrogant. Agree, to those people who you like, and you want to smile, but those that you are not sympathetic, cause only a squeezed half-smile. If you want someone to like, smile sincerely!
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  6. Removal of barriers
    If people experience discomfort from communication, theyEither independently erect obstacles, or do not rush to remove the ones already available. Attempts to close the trunk or chest, for example, with arms crossed, eloquently testify to hostility.

    If you are sitting with a man at a dinner table, oSuch a barrier is very often signaled by various items that your interlocutor does not hurry to clean: a jug of water, a breadbasket, a teapot. People who, on the contrary, tend to create a more intimate environment, subconsciously bring the distance closer and remove imaginary or existing barriers.

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  8. Memorization of names
    If you want to make a good manImpression, try to remember his name at the first meeting. Of course, it can require tremendous effort, but to facilitate the task, take advantage of a simple technique: when first meeting a person, repeat his name as often as possible. For example: "hello, denis, I olga."

    Or constantly turn to him during a conversation. And repeat the name of the interlocutor at parting. The more often you address people by name, the more likely they are to treat you well.

As you see, produce on people good impression, To establish contact and be regarded as a charming person is not so difficult. It is enough to execute a few simple rules and observe the reaction.

Share these tips with your friends. They will probably also be interested in seeing themselves from outside or using several techniques!