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Bracelet made of ice cream sticks

Fashionable women around the world are trying to decorate themselves with somethingUnusual. And those who at the same time do something original with their own hands - are rewarded with admiring looks and compliments. Today we will tell you, How to make a bracelet From the simplest and, at first sight,Useless material - sticks from ice cream. If you have already had time to enjoy this delicious summer treat - read our article. Sure you will appreciate this idea!

Bracelet of ice cream sticks

  1. Perch sticks from ice cream to boiling water and give themPour for 30 minutes over low heat, then do not remove, but let the wicks gradually cool down and get flexibility. This and the next step is best done at night.
  2. Bracelet of ice cream sticks

  3. Further sticks should dry up and get a shape. For this purpose, perfectly fit items that have a round section: cups, glasses, cut in half plastic bottles.
  4. Bracelet of ice cream sticks

  5. After the sticks have dried, you can proceedTo their painting. Now everything depends on your imagination: you can glue 2 bracelets together to make the product more wide, decorate bracelets with rhinestones, sequins, use nail polish or gouache.
  6. Bracelet of ice cream sticks

A little imagination - and enthusiastic views are assured to you!

Bracelet of ice cream sticks

Such a simple and original idea for creating a bracelet will surely please your friends. Share with them this lifhakom - all the genius is really simple!