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How to calculate the desired number of wallpapers

Making repairs in his home, you need to be able to Correctly calculate the quantity of materials, Which is necessary, in order not to throw outMoney for unnecessary things. First of all it concerns materials such as wallpaper, because they are unlikely to be useful to you after the repair.

As today in the market of decoration materials is presented enough Large number of wallpapers Different widths, "so simple!" Will help you learn how to properly calculate their required number.

How to calculate the number of wallpapers


Take for example the standard wallpaper width - 53 m. The length of such a roll will be 10 m. Standard ceiling height - approximately 2.5 m. This means that the usual roll is enough for about 3 bands, if the drawing is large, or 4 lines, if the wallpaper is plain or the pattern does not require adjustment.

Now we need to determine Perimeter of the room. For this you need to add the width of all sides of the room. We divide the sum by 0.53 (the width of one roll). So we can determine how many bands we need.

Then it is necessary to divide the obtained number by 3(Since 3 rolls come out of the roll, if you want to fit the picture). The number that came out needs to be rounded. By doing this, you will get the number of rolls you need. If you do not need to adjust the picture, divide by 4.

If the width of the wallpaper is nonstandard, you need to calculate wallpaper by the same formula: 22: 1.06: 3 = 6.9. This figure is rounded to 7. 7 rolls are necessary.

Space above the door And under the window can be pasted from the remnants of the bands, whetherI'm sure they will. But if the wallpaper is monochrome or in a fine pattern, then the number of bands should be increased, which, perhaps, entails the purchase of an additional roll. Here everything will depend on the number of windows and doors. But it is always better to adhere to the golden rule: let the wallpaper remain better than not enough.


Let's say your room has a wall width of 5 and 6 mAnd, consequently, its perimeter is 22 m. The ceiling height in the room is medium and equal to 2.5 m. If you buy standard rolls of 10 m and 0.53 m in width, you get the following formula:

22: 0.53: 3 = 13.84. Round this number to 14. total: you need 14 rolls of wallpaper.

Be sure to keep this bookmark in your bookmarks, because this method of determining the required number of wallpapers is always useful to you during Repair.

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