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7 things that can not be forbidden to a child

Each parent dreams of his child growing up happy, harmonious and comprehensive Developed personality.

But, unfortunately, very often expectations andReality do not coincide, and in the first place adults blame their child for this: they did not survive, did not try, did not have time. Endless "not", "not", "not" ... but few people think about the fact that uncertainty Parents often instill in their power. as? Their prohibitions!

What can not be forbidden to children

  1. Self-eat
    If your child is still very young, you understand that eating, without getting dirty, he can not physically.

    Of course, like any person who values ​​hisTime, you do not consider it necessary to spend it on wiping muddy, changing his soiled clothes, washing it, erasing the crumbs from the table or even washing the floor, but simply taking a spoonful in your hand and starting to energetically feed your baby.

    Naturally, it is so much faster and easier, but,Forbidding the child to eat independently, you are at the root of stopping his desire to become "an adult as a mom and dad," depriving him of his first lessons of concentration, perseverance, confidence in their abilities and abilities.

  2. Help you
    Surely you have often heard such phrases: "put, or you'll shed", "drop it", "do not bother me," "I'll manage without you".

    Amazing, but just a few yearsParents who refused the child's constant aspiration to help, usually begin to complain: "he's so sloppy," "he does not want to do anything," "I can not force him to do it." Do not be afraid that the kid with his desire to help will cause a lot of trouble.

    It is also important for him to feel needed, to hearPraise, learn from adults the desire for order and organization. If your assistant is still very small - assign him simple tasks that he probably will master: water a flower, get clothes from a washing machine, put toys on a shelf.

  3. Paint yourself
    Very many parents deprive their child of spaciousnessFor fantasy, justifying it with standard excuses: it will get dirty, draw walls, get chemistry. However, it is much easier to buy a baby finger paints and give him the opportunity to paint in the bathroom.

    It develops the child's imagination, fine motor skills, gives knowledge of the world around him and protects his parents' nerves, because the tile can be washed with a simple soap solution!

  4. tell your opinion
    Many parents recognize modern methodsUpbringing and agree that the child is a full-fledged person with his thoughts, desires and needs. But very often phrases like: "you understand nothing", "I know you better than what you need to do," "because I decided so" not only offend the child, but they themselves remind frank childishness.

    Of course, it is much easier to use force, but notIs it better to talk with the baby on equal terms and for the hundredth time to explain, listen, agree? It not only brings together, but also teaches the child how to act in such situations. You can not always be close, right?

  5. Actively express emotions at home (run, scream, jump)
    What seems to the adult to be inappropriate, forChild - a natural way to relax and throw out the accumulated energy. To behave in a cultured manner in society: in a hospital, a kindergarten, on the street, in a store ...

    Where, if not at home, a person can afford to be what he is? For the child is also very important!

  6. Play outdoor sports fields
    Perhaps, it is impossible to go past the playground and not hear such words: "fall down", "hit", "get dirty", "do not climb", "do not run", "do not jump".

    Firstly, even adults do not like it when theySpeak by the hand, and secondly, it is much easier to teach the baby to roll off the hill properly or climb the stairs than to constantly pull it off. The child seeks to know the world around him - support him, and do not blame him, it is very important for him!

  7. watch cartoons
    Modern cartoons - this is a topic for a separate article. But no one will argue that for a child (especially if he visits a kindergarten) it is very important to be aware of what the peers are talking about.

    The next series of the animated series can be compared withNews release for adults. The child also wants to be aware! Pick up for the kid those cartoons or individual series that you consider acceptable, and watch them together. It will bring you even closer together.

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