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How to compactly pack a suitcase

Summer is the best time of year, if only because it is a time of holidays. You can gather and fly away somewhere far away from stuffy offices and cities. But before you board an airplane, you need to Assemble a suitcase, And for many of us this is a serious problem.

After all, how can Put everything in a suitcase You during the trip, so even so that the weight of the baggage does not exceed the allowed rate? If the collection of a suitcase has always been a big problem for you, "so simple!" Prepared a wonderful video, which clearly shows that in a suitcase you can quickly and, most importantly, compactly add up all the necessary things.

Look and learn!

How quickly to pack a suitcase

Only sleight of hand and no fraud! Now you can always put the maximum of necessary things in your suitcase, going on a trip.

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