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6 myths about proper nutrition

Many people consider themselves almost experts in nutrition, however, as practice shows, all of their knowledge is based on no more than myths.

A healthy lifestyle is good, and if you areTook this road, accept our congratulations! In our today's article we will introduce you to the most common myths about proper nutrition, most of which are nothing more than Tricks of marketers.

Myths about nutrition

  1. If the label contains the inscription "completely natural" or "without gmo" - the product is useful.
    On labels, as well as on fences, can beEverything is written. However, this does not mean that the information is reliable. In general, the word "natural" is not a guarantor of useful products, but significantly increases its value!
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  3. In sea salt contains less sodium.
    In fact the sodium content in these two typesSalt is exactly the same. The only advantage of sea salt before cooking is that its crystals are larger, which means it should be added to dishes in smaller quantities.
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  5. Cane sugar is more useful than white sugar.
    An excellent argument in favor of increasing the cost of goods. However, sugar remains a sugar regardless of its color.

    The only difference is thatBesides molasses, which stains cane sugar in brown, it does contain a little more minerals. But this difference is insignificant.

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  7. After training, you must drink protein shakes.
    Using proteins after aerobic exercise,A man adds extra calories, and this does not really suit those who want to lose weight. It is better to give preference to smoothies. This is a great snack option!
  8. Protein cocktails

  9. Brown eggs are more useful than whites.
    Another trick on which someMerchants. In fact, the properties of eggs are not determined by the color of their shells. The only thing that can be determined by looking at eggs of different colors is the color of the chicken that carried them away. White chickens carry white eggs, and red chickens - brown.
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  11. Red wine is useful.
    A myth that is only partly true. Red wine is really useful in that it strengthens the cardiovascular system and beneficially affects the brain.

    But in this case the most important thing is to correctly calculate the amount of drunk. Doctors argue that it is useful to drink no more than one glass of red wine per day.

    And here the most important thing: pour the drink should be in a special wine glass, which should be filled only by a third. Adhere to this rule - and always be healthy!


Unfortunately, many dishonest people use the human illiteracy. A simple proof of this - these are the 6 myths that you have probably encountered many times.

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